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  1. NO doubt...I hear that
  2. We have a canopy pilot who is jumping an Ariel 170, and it needs line. Anyone out there have the original line specs?
  3. I think you should buy your nephew one for XMAS and see for yourself.... -Lil Buddy
  4. swooper120

    bridge day

    im young dumb and full of fire ; to burn all the local sites to the ground baby. u should embrace use and take use to your sites when its cool so we dont burn them by accident i cant wait to do my first A down there 1 want to make it jump # 10 for me it will be specail
  5. he say's clearing BASE sites driving him all over gods creation and carring his beer is part of my training slash hazing
  6. I was wondering how many of u guys out there, have cut down trees to make your landing areas bigger. I go there every once in a while and take one down. all together I would say about 5 but theres. still 2 more huge tress left the only problem is this site is in the middle of town and i dont want to get cought. but i feel like what im doing is wrong am i wrong or right im new to this sport but my mentor told me to do it so i listend. how ever im starting to think hes insane.
  7. Thats Photoshop...our pic is legit!! After posting multiple times on dropzone.com, about hitting the rears on my paracommander, I finally decided to try it out with a 25 mph crosswind! No Doubt -Lil Buddy
  8. I used my T steak to get my girl friend off last night and now she wants one. And she doesn't even jump
  9. swooper120

    TF incident

    So what your saying is BASE jumping is dangerous. i had no idea.
  10. Felonie19 was in NYC seeing Jeb for a conjical visit...
  11. No doubt...the Maggot is the only person who I know can celebrate his birthday doing all the crazy sh&t above, posting on DZ.com about Mr. NYC Favorite Jeb Corliss, drinking Gin & Tonics, skydiving, and making 5 BASE Jumps over 2.5 days...he is a true rockstar. It was a helluva weekend, thanks to Ryan, John, and Nick X 2 for joining in the festivities. Just think everyone else was just posting on dz.com while we fliking!! No Doubt
  12. maybe he tipped the guards off, because the rateing's for his show suck, and he needed alittle PR work. because once your over the fence. they can't stop u. unless u dont jump and just stand there saying does anyone watch my show.and then everyone would say no. who the hell are u. ow its just some pussy looking for attention. He wont really jump and then u would go to jail and fuck every BASE jumper in the area.
  13. Sounds like JEB's TV show may have needed some better ratings...like they say, no such thing as bad publicity. Well for the true blue BASE Community, this is jacked up and wrong. Knowing a few NYC locals myself, he now has the area in hot mode. Thanks JEB..hope the ratings boost pay off!!
  14. swooper120


    I just got done flicking what were u doing and once again no line overs and no tailgate
  15. swooper120


    theres no such thing as a line over there a mith like unicorns and elvis Ive never had one and I have a million jumps