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  1. base509

    bridge day

    hello all you one jump wonders who are coming out to W.V. next month to rape/pillage/and burn.several of the higher level staff memebers and myself have been hard at work to try to keep hostilities down between ourselves and the NPS. of course they have tried to impose all kinds of rediculous rules upon us with little or no warning. as always we will prevail and another b-day will go down in the history books. well i basically have 2 things to say first. Thanks to jason and his immediate staff for all the have done behind the scenes to get this thing underway. secondly when we go down this time why dont we try to treat it like it's our last one ever? as it may be. well the point is to try to have a really good time and not get hurt and mostly not get arressted.i personally will have a smile on my face the entire weekend ans if you see me with out one i'll give you a dollar!!!!!! but you do have to catch me first. to summerize lets kicks some ass and get along and have a great time next month, cool!!!!cya-----kramer B________________
  2. well that opens up a great big bag doesn't it? a few years ago Jay-Bone and I were sitting around doing what Base jumpers do when their not jumping/packing/watching videos/talking sh*t on the internet. we wanted to find out what the definition of a Base jump is and here is what we found. a fixed object jump is defined as "a person exiting a fixed object with a parachute in a closed container" now before the scrutiny begins I dont remember where we read this exactly. I think it was from an old fixed object journal. Nick DG could that be right? maybe something published from Jean B. like I said I can't remember. i do remember what it said though. now this definition sounds reasonable and if it is taken litterally all the jumps that Miles have been counting, well they don't count! jumps with and unpacked canopy are ground launched canopy flights. just because they are off a bridge doesn't really matter now does it? I hope Miles has been keeping track of actual Base jumps vs. ground launches for your pool. just wanted to let you all know the facts. I hope that this information doesn't effect too many peoples jump numbers. B________________
  3. base509


    hey to SBCmac first of all F^CK YOU. i never personally attacked anyone and here you go attacking me. secondly i never said anything about peoples skill level or abilities relating to BASE numbers. you want to talk about this in person just let me know. B________________
  4. base509


  5. base509


    well what ever happened to jumpers using their BASE numbers to show who they are while posting? i know i've been out of the digital age for a bit but this is ridiculous. are you all ashamed of what you've earned? or if you haven't earned it yet working on it. hey maybe your one of those that "doesnt care". whatever man. i earned mine a long time ago and i'm damn proud of is something that no one can ever take away from me. you all have balls while standing at the exit point but dont have any sitting in front of a computer keyboard? in this age of electronic media no one can say "well i didnt know where to go" i am going to ask the organizers of bridgeday to enforce a base number in the minimum requirements to jump. we'll see who wants one then. maybe we should impose those minimums to jump at the perinne and moab too. both site although legal aren't necessarily the safest for new jumpers. signed proudly BASE509 B________________
  6. hey does anybody know how to reach her? if you do could you let her know im looking for her and to contact me or get contact info thanks kramer B________________