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    ACE 240/E-mod Alpha 99/H-mod Alpha
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    Endless Mt. Skydiving
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    USPA, USBA 903
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    Wing Suit Flying
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    BASE Jumping

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  1. nicknitro71

    Who did this jump?

    mega re-post. It's Miles who cutaway.
  2. nicknitro71

    skydiving canopy

    If you want to pull low with your WS get a Spectre with mesh slider and dacron lines so you will have the durability of z-po and great openings (fast but not neck-breaking); I would not jump a PD reserve of that size as a main tarp all the time. If very low skydive pulls are not in your agenda then get yourself a 9 cell. Jumping a big skydiving tarp will not help your BASE canopy skills, IMO. The best BASE canopy pilots I have seen jump tinny little x-braced and have thousands of jumps. Just my 0.02.
  3. nicknitro71

    Terminal velocity

    Very false. Gravity at sea level is different than gravity at the top of Mt. Everest. Not even Witten himself would make such a bold statement and he is probably the one who at this point in time has the greatest understand of gravity. NOBODY understands fully what gravity really is hence the total lack of its control. We are able to "produce" all the other three forces but we have no clue, well some, how to produce gravity. So how in the hell we sent stuff in space and men on the moon? There is a difference between external and internal aerodynamics. Do you mean an object using air as a medium?
  4. nicknitro71

    Low Static Line Technique

    Ian, When I told you about this special technique I asked you not to reveal it to anyone and now you put it on a public forum! You are a bad dogie!
  5. nicknitro71

    Low Static Line Technique

    Greg, Do a search on carry with you static line. It works like butter. I like my break cords to be at the very end of the bridle, for many reasons. I use three pieces: a short one and a longer one for the actual S/L and a 3rd one for the carry with you part. I do s fold the bridle's slack and put a tail gate rubber band on it. Honestly I would not put any knots on the bridle and 8 feet less of FF won't add anything, really. Just my 0.02.
  6. nicknitro71

    Riggers! Is this possible??

    Train the guy to get his ticket! Yes he could have jumped it if the same DZ does not check BETWEEN pack jobs (they always never do). Did he repack the reserve too or just open the container leaving the reserve in the pack? If he did re-pack it, how was the job?
  7. nicknitro71

    Re-Lining a PISA Canopy?

  8. nicknitro71

    Raven 3 - is DOM 02/1990 possible?

    Before 03/88. B stands for bikini slider. It's not a Super Raven just a Raven with a different slider. Don't use it for BASE!
  9. nicknitro71

    Rigging Solutions ?

    Yes, And Gus is one of the best riggers I have ever met.
  10. W/out knowing the past the future cannot be predicted. I've tried DS both slider down and up and I'm still here to tell the story.
  11. nicknitro71

    Freefly-friendly BASE rigs

    Any current dual pin rig on the market will do it. Please PM me about your location. I'm dieing to take my WS and BASE rig off a plane!
  12. nicknitro71

    skydive mag

    Yes Jerry, It looks like a 300+ buck hair cut
  13. nicknitro71


    You really need to spend one more week with the Maggot
  14. nicknitro71

    looking for life life INS

    If you do find one I want to be the beneficiary of your policy and I'll make sure one of your jumps won't work out