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    ACE 240/E-mod Alpha 99/H-mod Alpha
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    Endless Mt. Skydiving
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  1. I'd love that. With a 250LBS student it'd put me, well "us", at 1.73...
  2. I jump with Maggot. I also don't make shit up about other jumpers because of small dick complex and I only have one username. Tom, you are one pathetic human being. Memento Audere Semper 903
  3. Tom, You have a kid now, don't you think it's about time to GROW UP? Memento Audere Semper 903
  4. According to my "math" a 36 at terminal produces about 100 less LBS than a 42. Memento Audere Semper 903
  5. Really? Then the future is already here, i.e. Firebolt 298. Memento Audere Semper 903
  6. You said: and and and then So this "guy" is experienced yet he is using a 42" for a near to terminal jump (way terminal to my standard) doing arials with half of his large PC sticking out Your last quote should read: Despite common knowledge, common sense at large, early mistakes, we still do uneducated shit all the time. Memento Audere Semper 903
  7. Oh, FYI a 42" PC generates about 350 LBS of force at terminal and that is NOT considereing the snatch force. A stadard MIL SPEC BASE bridle should have a tensile strength of 550 LBS. However most BASE bridles are built with inferior grade square weave...not to talk about the canopy PC attachment point... Memento Audere Semper 903
  8. I really hope you are just trolling as usual on this one. In case you are not, a set of 4 PCs is less expensive than huge medical bills, months out of work. Heck, even coffins nowadays cost more than most mid-size cars. Memento Audere Semper 903
  9. Given you extensive knowledge in parachute design, construction, and the greater field of fluid dynamics I will chop off the stabilizers off all my tarps. Memento Audere Semper 903
  10. I want one!!! Make mine with dacron lines, just in case... Memento Audere Semper 903
  11. It is terrible but we got more jumpers than ever and maybe the fatalities per capita have not gone up that much. Also keep in mind that many of us push their own limits much sooner than we are ready for because for one the bar had been raised so much (global peer pressure) and second many of us just like to push their limits just for the fuck of it, i.e. for the same reason that got us into BASE to begin with. Memento Audere Semper 903
  12. I made a direct comparison between my Ace 240 and my Super Raven III (PIA 240). The Ace has a thicker profile hence it is probably able to generate more low-speed lift but it won't fly as fast as the Raven. The stabilizer of the Ace is bigger. The Ace has three sets, the Raven two, the X-ports between the C and D lines are missing on the Raven. On the Ace the front X-port is much bigger made out of three oval cuts instead of one on the Raven. The center X-port is comparable on both, and the last X-port on the Ace is much smaller than the center one (about 1/2 the size). The Ace has a shallower angle of incidence, read the Raven is "steeper" unlike what Tom claims. The main differences here are that the lines of the Ace are longer, as per CR "tradition" and on the Ace they are spread apart more. Memento Audere Semper 903
  13. Here ya go. Memento Audere Semper 903
  14. I will post one. Yes and I died, not a biggie but the worst part was being reincarnated as the Maggot Memento Audere Semper 903