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  1. Yesterday I was eating lasagne and I wondered where pasta came from. I always thought it originated from Italy while in fact it was the Arabs that brought it in.
  2. I would suggest a Yamaha Fazer 600. The R6 would be a bad choice.
  3. Yes it can work on any system, but it's not useful on any system.
  4. Your >> You're (two times ??? )
  5. I disagree, experience is the key (certainly with swooping) and that comes with jumps and time in the sport. 900 jumps, Katana 97 @ 1.8.
  6. http://www.dor-lomin.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/lebowski-opinion.jpg
  7. Red Touch Yellow, Kills a Fellow. Red Touch Black, Friend of Jack
  8. It should be: 'Ik heb geen grote lul, maar ik heb wel grote kloten'. Also in dutch: Kus mijn kloten means something like 'Kiss my ass'.
  9. I enjoyed reading those, I especially liked the "pee-story"
  10. If you'd strip a c-130 of two engines, it would look exactly like a C-160.
  11. So much is wrong with this response. If I'm having a mal, I'd be thinking about saving my ass first and not about retrieving my canopy.
  12. You mean getting the visor off the visor frame...yeah I got the same problem . Would like to know the answer to.
  13. Dear old timers of the sport (That's right, I said old timers Much respect though), I apologize on behalf of what appears to be the 95% of my generations of jumpers who have their heads way up their asses. We're not all like this, I swear! Some of us do recognize that we have less than 7 full years in the sport and aren't truly qualified to make authoritative commentary on trends in the sport over a decade ago. Please don't hold judgment against all of us! Not all of us are this bad Sincerely, Simon Bones I'd suggest you stay at the discussion instead of making weak personal attacks . I know I haven't been as long in the sport but that doesn't mean I know nothing about it's history. But when 'old timers' talk to me about swooping with stilettos, toggle whipping it, I'd consider that alot different then what's going on today.
  14. Almost 12 years! That's nearly more than an eternity. Last time I checked, in skydiving, alot can change in such a timeframe. As an example, swooping as we know it today, did not exist 12 years ago.
  15. I don't think statistics that are almost 12 years old can be considered valid for todays world of skydiving.
  16. Again, how would an instructor know you were knocked out?
  17. so in the Safety and Training Forum is that seriously the 1st thing your do when you canopy opens? Uh, yeah. Being able to reach the rears asap after deployment is generally considered to be a good thing. I can reach my risers with the arms zipped, and i do, which is how i was taught by my BMIs, because it wont matter a fuck if you unzip your arms if you smack into another canopy So that means you know any sort of wingsuit and are 100% certain you can reach backrisers with any wingsuit...that's funny cause I can't reach mine with my wingsuit. And to me it will matter a fuck that I can reach backrisers first.
  18. You have 200 jumps and don't know the answer to that yourself??