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  1. My rod in my femur from knee to hip, 4 screws, a rod on each side of my spine from L3-L9 (or something like that), some cage thingy and 14 more screws ran $112,000 plus installation. It was an expensive landing. Cost to me, $250.00 plus Dr. copays and prescriptions.
  2. I'm no USC fan by any stretch, but what exactly is wrong with recruiting after a coaching change? No one has committed until March 3, and I'd personally love to spend 4 years in Southern Cal. The only guys I feel sorry for are the mediocre players Carroll recruited that may not get a chance to play once the top Tennessee recruits jump ship.
  3. As much as I appreciate that answer, WTF does all that mean?
  4. http://www.cnn.com/2010/TECH/space/01/05/hubble.new.galaxies/index.html This article got me thinking. If Hubble is looking "back in time" 13 billion years, with a little more advanced technology, what happens if it looks back 13.8 billion years? Would it be possible to see the big bang? This astronomy stuff makes my head hurt... I don't want this to go to SC, so lets keep the Big Bang vs creation out of it.
  5. Since I've gotten my car, I may have been highbeamed by other drivers a handful of times max. Although the are bright a hell, the technology Lexus (and BMW, Acura, etc) engineers but into the lighting makes them bearable to opposing drivers. The obnoxious ones are those cheap ass 20.00 bulbs jackasses stick on their Hondas.
  6. But, once you've driven with them, you'll realize how much you weren't seeing at night. I haven't used my high beams in 4 years.
  7. Absolutely agree... This game is over if he doesn't get back in there, and it won't be about Alabama winning. All the media will be all over the fact Texas didn't have their QB. It's a shame.
  8. Alabama needs to wake up quickly, or they're in trouble. Texas took a huge hit losing McCoy... Could get interesting.
  9. I can appreciate both Bear and Les... Bear can obviously take more chances and do more extreme stuff than Survivorman. He's got the camera crew right there with him should something happen. He can afford to take the chances that someone in a true life or death situation would risk. I do have more respect for survivorman, but the show can get to be a little boring cause he's not taking the chances that could end in disaster for obvious reasons. And giving yourself an enema of dirty bird shit water? That was just straight disgusting. Did he at least give himself the privledge of a little spit?
  10. We're about 1.5 hrs west of Philly. Several of our jumpers make the drive from that area. To the OP, glad you guys made it back alright. Did you find your keys, or are they out in the fields somewhere? I was hoping they got misplaced into my bag, and I could save the day; no such luck. Oh, and thanks for the beer. New Years eve just got 2 cases better. :)
  11. Didn't get it yet, but picking her up tomorrow... I got a happy girlfriend for Christmas, because this was all she really wanted.
  12. smoked me? I don't really remember that game. But, I do remember the 1 vs 1 game. Anyone up for "SKDV" for a clan?
  13. http://www.beveragefactory.com/draftbeer/kits/fridge-kits.shtml I got everything I needed for
  14. Build a kegerator, try it out one evening, and everything else will take care of itself.
  15. Is this Shah? http://www.telegraph.co.uk/foodanddrink/foodanddrinknews/6669532/Brewery-launches-Tactical-Nuclear-Penguin-worlds-strongest-beer.html