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    New European pond

    cool! how far are you from Copenhagen?
  2. pros - it allows your hands more freedom to reach the tops of the rear risers for planing out - the brake lines are out of the way! cons - PD's advice is not to use the main SLinks because it causes line wear as the brake line rubs cross the suspension lines. I guess that implies a separate SLink for the brake line ring
  3. RichLees

    Learning to swoop

    Mate - I'm not one to flame, but I would encourage you to invest in some coaching. Swooping's dangerous enough without trying to figure it out through forums and books. That said, the canopy and its pilot is worth reading a couple of times alongside a course or three. A wise man told me to learn from others' mistakes because I wouldn't live long enough to make them all myself. Swoop far! And do it far from the stiffs who go everywhere on half brakes ;-) Rich
  4. which DZ is it, Mas? Molinella? I guess its somewhere near Bologna airport gracie
  5. RichLees

    Some "advice" I received...

    Between 400 and 600 jumps, I was on a Sabre 2 170 at your wingload. I tried a Stiletto 150 and quite liked it, but found I was turning (front riser) lower for a similar swoop. I stuck with my Sabre 2. I tried a crossfire 2 and preferred the sabre 2. I found the Sabre 2 can dive more than either of them. I tried a Katana 150 and was blown away. And a bit scared. 150 jumps later, I bought a Katana 135. At around 950 jumps, I got a Velo 120. The main resemblance to the Stiletto 150 is pack volume. Both are agile on the toggles, but the recovery arc is double on the Velo. I agree with your view that the extra height gives you more time to dig out, but its best to avoid gardening as both canopies are plenty lively enough to break more than both ankles. They're both good canopies and both valid steps in your swoop progression, but I wouldn't have wanted to go from one straight to the other.