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  1. here 2 450s, valkyrie 71 @ 2.7wl. all harnessturns, no fonts. 450 1: high crosswind/downwind, setup too far out/ too close. had to fix it in the recovery (looks like a speedrun but it's not). the swoop was not perfect, but the vertical dive speed diagramm and the dive angle shows exactly what i am aiming for for a good turn. finished a bit high but strong because i was a bit off with the turn-placement and had to make the gates. 450 2: slight downwind, good placement, finished again a bit high but not so strong as #1 (clearly visible in the vertical speed when you overlay both). hope this helps, i can post more if you want. 450 1.CSV 450 2.CSV
  2. the power of a smooth harnessturn: (450° CompVelo75 2.3WL perfect no-wind conditions 650m above sealevel)
  3. sorry for your loss :( gruess kusi (no more FB?)
  4. thanks everyone, list is updated
  5. thanks to everyone! i created a list for better overview, feel free to add dzs, add/change videos, whatever... (i did not include Grenchen piisfish... ;))!1523&ithint=file%2cxlsx&app=Excel&authkey=!AFWjhFv6UFQQ0eA btw, where are these DZs? cheers!
  6. thanks for all the contribituions so far! The holidays will be in the beginning of april i guess. Which DZ would you recommend (USA)? We're also looking for some quality canpoy piloting coaching duing these holidays. (first time on the water, yeeaaaahhh ;)) if you know any other DZ with water-filled swoop-able ditches, please name them here! thanks! :)
  7. hi, i'm going to plan some swoop holidays, now i'd like you guys to name some dropezones with swoop ponds! USA, EU, AU, ... doesent matter! would be great if we can create some kind of a list with all the DZs (or is there already one?) thanks for your help! :) cheers! edit: some dzs i know: Skydive Pink Klatovy / CZ Skydive Z-Hills / Florida USA Skydive The Farm / Georgia USA Skydive Lillo / Spain Skydive Pullout / Italy Elsinores pond is closed wtf??