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  1. I love Big Bang! But the robot arm ... Ewwwww! TPM Sister #102
  2. Just a word of warning: It is extremely difficult to drink a glass of wine while wearing a G2 unless your husband (husband = spouse, significant other, friend, acquaintance, or anyone with common sense) brings you a bendy-straw. It's like trying to lick your elbow. But, otherwise, I can't WAIT for some tunnel time with my new helmet! TPM Sister #102
  3. Hands down, not even a question. You had Oreos, he should replace with Oreos. You should receive something in quality at least as good as what you had to begin with, and no one in their right mind would agree that "store brand" equals the true Oreo quality. That's a frivolous argument at best and the jury should assess the aforementioned punitive damages on that ground alone. TPM Sister #102
  4. My chihuahua Gracie believes that if she just pushes hard enough when she jumps, she can fly! My chihuahua Quinn firmly believes that no one's ears are REALLY clean unless she licks them out personally. (Ew.) TPM Sister #102
  5. Aww, that's precious! Thanks for the link! TPM Sister #102
  6. I don't claim to know anything about the Nook, but my husband and I both have Kindles and he also has an iPad. We love both, but I stuck with the Kindle because it's a great size and has battery life that will not quit. My husband likes his iPad (especially the backlighting) but kept his Kindle because he can read PDFs on it. All of our different e-readers have been great--they just have different strengths. Your son is lucky! He's going to love whatever you get! TPM Sister #102
  7. Happy birthday!! I hope it's terrific! TPM Sister #102
  8. Oh, Wendy, I'm so sorry. I'm glad the two of you have some time good together. TPM Sister #102
  9. Thanks! I love that little beast. It's the first car I've ever had that wasn't a four-cylinder. I think my husband is secretly a little bit envious. (I let him drive it once in a while, just to be nice. ) TPM Sister #102
  10. Bought an Audi S5 this summer and LOVE it. You should get your A5--just sayin'! TPM Sister #102
  11. I didn't take your post to be about whether you should spend that much on a ring. I thought you were asking if the price was appropriate for that quality of ring. Just an FYI, my husband said it sounded like a GREAT deal given those specs. As you would expect, the value just depends on which attributes of the ring are most important to you. Some girls just want the biggest rock they can get; some want a balance of everything. TPM Sister #102
  12. I don't think anyone is going to believe that $6,900 is inexpensive (unless they have a lot more money than I do), but if this is the ring your girlfriend LOVES and you have the resources to do it, it might be worth it. Shop around and compare prices, but a large center stone is going to bump prices up quickly. There will be a lot of high ticket items in putting together a wedding and starting your lives together, so you need to determine how to spend your budget. If the ring is really important to her, maybe you can spend less on other parts of the wedding. A ring is something she'll have forever and many become heirlooms. Is it worth it? It's really up to the two of you. Edited to add: You can always ask Jared about prices for a different center stone, too, to see what you could do with the overall price there. And while it's a little premature, congratulations! TPM Sister #102
  13. Happy birthday! I hope it's terrific! TPM Sister #102
  14. Jewels

    Puppy Tale

    LOL! One of our dogs is a crawler, too. She looks like she's advancing in the Army! I love watching her. She sort of cocks her head to one side and looks at you out of the corner of her eye as she gets closer and closer. It's like she's flirting with you when she does it. The other dog is just a puppy and she's still working on potty training. She's doing great with keeping all her piddling outside but if she'd do the rest there, too, I'd be delighted. I have no idea why she thinks pooping is exclusively an indoor activity, but we're working on it! I would've been delighted if she had made it to the doormat, too! TPM Sister #102
  15. Jewels

    XM radio~

    You want to see something really scary? LOL! I'll have to check it out when I get home. Something tells me I should be afraid, very afraid. TPM Sister #102