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  1. Jumper experienced a spinning malfunction on their main canopy due to a toggle coming undone during the main opening. They then cut this malfunction away at a very low altitude which was too low to allow for the reserve canopy to open.
  2. Thanks for the info. That interactive map does not work for me. Maybe its my browser.
  3. Hey. I'm participating in a secret santa event, and am buying for someone residing across the country. He says he's adventurous, so I figured why not expose him to skydiving? Anyway, there doesn't seem to be any easy way of discerning the closest DZ's based on address (Why do we make it so hard to find legit DZ's yet so easy to find skyride type stuff??). Cali has a ton of dropzones, and I'm not familiar enough with the state to know what small airport town is near what other large city. Does anyone know what the closest ones are?
  4. Hey Folks-- Newish to the Cincinnati area... Called my local DZ today, but no answer. Does anyone know a rigger in the Cincy area? I'd like to get my rig repacked ASAP and take advantage of some of the early spring weather happening here this week.. Feel free to PM, or whatever. Thanks, Ryan
  5. I'm from Franklin. There is no DZ in the immediate area. Closest options are Skydive Alabama (about 2.5 hours south) or Adventure Skydive Tennessee in Waverly, TN (about 1.5 hours northwest). I think Skydive Alabama is probably open on New years, not sure about AST.
  6. Awesome video!! Is that music explosions in the sky?
  7. One of the closest calls I've ever seen a video of. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AiGdqPfztsc&feature=related
  8. Take your whuffo bullshit sense of entitlement somewhere else. You're at a privately owned and operated business, and the rules that they have set forth to keep spectators safe apply even to you. Just because you occasionally fly airplanes doesn't make you a VIP on the dropzone, nor does it indicate that you have any working knowledge of safely navigating a parachute landing area. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-44fMWOoxg&feature=related http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/safety/detail_page.cgi?ID=223 http://www.dropzone.com/fatalities/Detailed/462.shtml http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?post=3658412;search_string=spectator%20injury;#3658412 There are tons more examples around the web. People get hurt and killed messing around in and around the landing area. You don't deserve any special treatment.
  9. A non jumping friend sent this to me. Apparently its one of the feature articles on Gizmodo today. It's a pretty cool video, and the quality of the GoPro looks damn nice. How do you make gopro footage look THAT good? http://gizmodo.com/#!5793612/watching-people-skydive-in-slow-motion-is-absolutely-mesmerizing
  10. Do you have a fistula or a permacath?
  11. I consistently have openings wayy worse than those, on different mains. Those openings would be great for me. And I know for mine, the problem is not the canopy, its the packer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y0JBTQv_-c8
  12. Dude, right on! That was awesome!! Haha, you've got backflying DOWN! Nice! Funny video, good times for sure.
  13. I sold blood plasma, and my sanity. I was a paid test subject for psych experiments at the college I was attending. Then I decided that sucked ass and got a job working at Subway.
  14. But unfortunately, shit does happen. Whether it was a bad decision or not doesn't really matter to you in the moment, if you find yourself in that situation.
  15. I actually contacted PD a few months ago when I bought a used PDR 160. I weigh about 210, and I bought a PDR BECAUSE they are TSO'd to 254 lbs.. HOWEVER- when I received my 1993 PDR 160, it had a TSO to only 160 pounds or so.. So I called PD to get an answer.. The answer: These canopies were all originally TSO'd to 254 lbs. However, in the early 90s people began flying square parachutes at wingloadings far too high for THEIR flying ability (not the canopy's ability). Often these flights resulted in landing injuries. So, PD elected to manually de-rate their canopies, and post a weight limit on them that would not exceed a wingloading of approx 1:1. Now that people regularly jump canopies at wingloads of 1.5 and up (with proper training), PD has returned their canopies to the TSO class that rates them for their actual weight limits. So, the PDR that was made in 1993 is exactly the same specifications as the PDR made today, and originally held the same TSO rating. This was the case for the PDR's. I would contact PD to see if something similar wasn't done for their main canopies.
  16. Hahahaha, piisfish-- there's canopies in it now. I don't have a good pic with canopies in there. I shot one outside, but you could hardly see the colors, so I posted the one from inside my beer trash-laden home. Ski-- If I'm not mistaken you helped Suzy pack and assemble it! Right?
  17. You and I may have similar tastes.
  18. I too learned on the dope rope.. I don't think I hit "full altitude" (a mere 9500 feet) until jump 20-something! I got more scared the higher I went!! I remember the first time I went to a turbine DZ, getting out at 14.5 with 20 some other people in the plane behind me. I was scared as hell! To some extent, I am still more comfortable bailing at 3k solo than at 14.5 with multiple groups in front of and behind me, and a pilot that I don't know. I still do a lot of hop n pops. That's probably why I'm such a shitty skydiver, but an okay canopy pilot.
  19. Will do. I bought directly from the manufacturer, so I will get the thing assembled and re-evaluate & contact them if needed. Measurements: 5'9, 205lbs Torso 19 Leg Pad 36.5 Inseam 31.5 Chest 42.5 Waist 40.5 Long Girth 63 Rig came: MLW17, Leg 21, +1
  20. Ronaldo- on a custom rig with the leg straps properly tightened, should there be a gap between the two leg pads? Also, where is the proper place for hip rings to sit? Mine are at the extreme top of my pelvic bone. It feels like they should be lower. I'll work on pics.
  21. I have never had the luxury of jumping a harness/container that was custom built to my specifications before. So, I've never really known how well a custom container "should" fit and feel. Yesterday my new custom built container came in the mail, and honestly it doesn't feel too comfortable. When I sinch down the legstraps as tight as they will go (like I would for a jump), it feels like the MLW is pulling down on the tops of my shoulders fairly hard. Also, there is a good 2.5 inches of space between the two leg pads when I have my legstraps tightened as far as they will go. I kind of feel like I'm going to bust out of the thing, and there aren't even any canopies in it yet. The hip rings sit about 2 inches above my hip (or atleast, where my belt would go around). Is stuff like that to be expected when ordering custom? Or should I contact the manufacturer? I guess I should get the container assembled and see where I'm really at with my canopies stuffed in there. I know that my last used rig fit me very well, and it felt quite loose without the canopies inside of it.
  22. 1) I thought the ad was funny. It certainly has a less than serious tone about it.. Creative? No I'm in agreement with you there. But, a light-hearted, and fun ad nonetheless. 2) I would argue that there is a difference between an anatomical "picture of a naked woman," and a picture of a woman taking off sexy panties with high heels on. Can't see the difference? Well, your loss. 3) You must feel demeaned quite often. Advertising is bullshit, we all know it. Its all about trying to make you buy a product that you a) probably don't need, and b) could find elsewhere. But to feel demeaned by it? Get real. Again, I don't think the ad was seriously implying that girls will fuck you if you jump a Mirage. The only girls that might, almost (but probably not) care about your rig, are those that skydive.. And they make up what? Maybe 0.5% of the female population, if that? I also don't think the ad was trying to insinuate that you are so stupid as to think that girls will fuck you because you jump a mirage. I think, and I'm no expert here, that it was A JOKE. A crass joke? Sure, maybe. But I'm sure you've been, and will continue to be exposed to much worse at the dropzone, at the bar, on the internet, and maybe even in the grocery store when you accidentally look at the cover of a Maxim magazine. So, in summary-- You are undeniably entitled to your opinion, and I to mine. Don't buy a Mirage if you don't want one, I certainly don't give a shit. Would you be as upset if Mirage posted an ad of a man dropping his boxers with the caption "Nothing makes them drop faster than a woman in a Mirage!"? Or would you see that as an obvious attempt at humor?
  23. Haha, yes you should cancel it. Buying a girl drinks is more likely to result in intercourse, and far less expensive than a G4.. What Mirage really should work on is getting their rigs out in a timely manner! My 9 week delivery is on week 14 and counting!
  24. Haha, did you receive some backlash for a similar statement? It must be buried somewhere within the _SIX_ pages of this thread. I couldn't bear to sift through any more of it! I'm seriously astounded by the fact that people can be so upset about this!
  25. I really don't understand what all the fuss is about... Its a fucking ad. The racy ones were pretty funny. I think anyone who is legitimately offended by them may be over analyzing, and looking at things a little too seriously. Obviously buying a Mirage is not going to get a model to have sex with you. It was, to me, funny in an absurd sense. To be so bothered by the ad that you come on DZ.com and post a bunch of crap about how it hurt your feelings is really lame. I think this crack at those select people is well deserved, and also funny. For those of you complaining that the ad doesn't say anything about the product's quality... How about the CYPRES ad? "Simply safer skydiving" set to the background of a persons shoes, presumably relaxing due to their relative "safety." It doesn't mention anything about computer algorithms, years of testing, number of saves, etc. All of that information is readily accessible other places, and any smart consumer does not need to find it in a magazine ad. I jump with a CYPRES because I have researched it on my own, and read the literature available on their website. My point? Anyone who is buying gear should be looking up the spec's of that gear on their own, and getting subjective opinions from people they know who have used it. A magazine ad for an established manufacturer merely serves to put the name out there, so why not do it in a fun or creative manner? Honestly, I can't believe the cry baby bullshit that is surrounding these ads.