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  1. NUMBER ONE: fly the tandem in a safe manner. NUMBER two: use the GO PRO to film the skydive in a safe manner. NUMBER THREE: NEVER the tandem in a safe manner.
  2. me too. Same story.
  3. *cough cough, wheeeze, ack..*sniff, need to say more? ACK!
  4. cant you just say..."uh, officer, someone was shootin".
  5.'s my story. I broke my tib/fib in April 04, 6 months to the day..I was jumping again. I worked my ass off in PT an ddid everything I could to heal quickly. I ate right, and worked hard. I jumped for 4 1/2 years with all hardware inside. It started to hurt and I never could run without a gimpy look to it. If fact, almost everyone on the dropzone knew me...from my run. With increasing pain, I finally decided to get it out. Good thing I did, too. My original doc said, "it'll never have to come out, oh...btw, you'll never jump again". The timing was right and I found a great doc to get it out for me. Like I said..good thing I did. My bones had started to grow over took an hour to get it out. (thanks Angel and Brooke). Now...still jumping, NO pain..and I can run like a cheetah! I took 6 months off from the initial trauma to heal, and could jump after 3 months of removal trauma. The removal process is not even close to the pain and agony of the first! Pinnochio is a human, again!
  6. *mouth falls open. Damn, ANYONE who can do that....WOW!
  7. least he's havin fun!
  8. Listen to your instructors...and have fun! If you're getting! oh.....pull!
  9. I just went to an Endodontists office where I waited 90 minutes for a possible root canal. After I FINALLY got into the chair I questioned the dentist on his wasting of MY time. He looked me dead in the eye and told me.."I deliberately overbook by 70%. This way, with cancellations, I still have business to do". No kidding, folks. Like GOD, their time is valuable...ours isnt! They dont give a crap about our time or our schedules. Oh, and BTW...ALWAYS review your bill from a dentist. I've caught 2 this year double billing me AND the INSURANCE company!
  10. ahhh, I remember in 1962...uh wait a minute! I dont remember anything about 1962. I was born 2 years later! hahaha. How you doin, my friend? The Space Needle is still cool~
  11. To shoot tandems, you need at LEAST 500 jumps. Next, you need to be VERY competent in shooting and framing. The last thing you want to do is tell your client that you missed the skydive, forgot to turn on camera, switches broke, lost the tandem, or anything else you can think of. You will need wings. We're about the same size and I'll tell ya, the little tandems will work you as much or more than the big ones! You will need wings. Learn your equipment inside and out, learn how to fly the suit, then cameras. Being a professional photographer puts a lot of pressure on you. You only get "one chance" for a first skydive photo. Have fun. Lewmonst has posted many articles, thoughts and ideas concerning camera flying. Read them and the other valid responses.
  12. well, I KNOW that...but, I want an original photo..not a bitmap version. If you enlarge too much, blurriness sets in. With an original, you have a better chance of enlargement without losing quality.
  13. I DEFINATELY think there needs to be a re-cropping on #4. [/:P]
  14. damn, dude! Ya got me DIZZY!!!! I spin the OTHER way! hahaha Gee, ya should have called, I would have jumped with ya..
  15. haha, and you're surprised she took offense?