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  1. I'm still here. I spend so much time moderating the BASE Zone these days that I rarely get to sign as on $kin anymore. Tom. $kin There's only one Tom Aiello...
  2. Skin

    Hank C.

    Too old to be behaving the way you do. Happy Birthday. $kin There's only one Tom Aiello...
  3. Sean was a big part of my journey into BASE. One of the giants of the BASE scene and without all the MTV attitude. Farewell brother. $kin There's only one Tom Aiello...
  4. What a bunch of queers! It's no more difficult now than it ever was than it ever will be. You could die on any jump. What difference does it make that you could do bird if you get caught? BASE is for renegades. You get got caught. Jeb is the perfect example. He knew the score, he did the deed regardless. Risk management 101. Figure out your values and act accordingly. Lie in the bed you made. Too many light weights in this "sport" already. Fukyall. $kin There's only one Tom Aiello...
  5. Skin

    New to Cincy

    The jumpers in Cincy are all out already. Are you also an homo? $kin There's only one Tom Aiello...
  6. Skin

    thanks Mac

    Knowing you're both batting for the other side this paints a really nasty picture. Good luck with the assoplasty. $kin There's only one Tom Aiello...
  7. Skin

    B or A?

    I asked a five year old. His response was "Get a fu(king life you idiot." In future I shall not ask five year olds whose birthdays fall on February 29th. My own thoughts...If a disfigured midget on a unicycle was juggling on top of a building and you jumped it, would you record: a) Building b) Your mom. 14 more please Mr Aiello. Good day. $kin There's only one Tom Aiello...
  8. Skin

    to base_rigger

    I am an insider looking out. Anyone who uses a self-credited signature line appears to be a total twat. Deceptive appearances or 100% accurate? I particularly like the [again, presumably self-styled] moniker "Butter Stotch". Nice. Perhaps an even better one would be Miserable, unintelligable, hairy-arsed, blue-faced, tight-fisted, Mel-Gibsonesque, skirt-wearing, heroin addicted shop-lifting Stotch Bastard". There. I managed to insult an individual in the US and an entire species of sub-human cock-gobblers in one sentence. My work in 2006 is complete. $kin There's only one Tom Aiello...
  9. Who cares? Fewer people in NPs means fewer rangers and more safe bandit jumps. Nick's right. It's only a matter of time because the pure bred BASE jumper wins either way. The only loser is the MTV kid who wants to show his buddies how cool he is but can't risk the prison sex that accompanies a stay at the gray bar motel. $hit...we knew you were a loser from the getgo. Victory is ours. Not given to us but yet again stolen. Renegades can't ultimately lose because nature loves purity. Lick my love pump, bitches. $kin There's only one Tom Aiello...
  10. Genius. That's exactly what we need. In fact, we can populate the list with the names of people we don't like so that we can actually root for the participants. Too cool. $kin There's only one Tom Aiello...
  11. "He probably did." - [to be said out loud while you wiggle your first two fingers of each hand next to your ears like some half assed moose / student hybrid.] You should probably put the pipe down. $kin There's only one Tom Aiello...
  12. I remember when Grandma started to go a little dotty. It was funny at first but then the strippergrams just started getting old. PS You meant very few, right? $kin There's only one Tom Aiello...
  13. No. I'm straight. $kin There's only one Tom Aiello...
  14. It's that thing your hairy-assed boyfriend does to you that makes you wish you had two of them. $kin There's only one Tom Aiello...
  15. Personal attack. 6 month ban or go live with Mick Knutson for a week. Your choice big boy. $kin There's only one Tom Aiello...