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  1. I am extremely jealous of all of you ! Im 20 and I havent base jumped or gone skydiving too poor for it.....I doubt I'll be able to afford it till im like 25-26..which SUCKS
  2. You guys are in college and you can afford base/sky diving/jumping ? Lucky..
  3. I am not too far from riverside, the only problem is that im in college right now and I am far too broke to even afford a AFF Level 1 or a Tandem... But if no one minds, it'll be cool if I can get in touch with some of the more experienced jumpers to learn about other aspects of the sport (rigging, mental aspect, tips etc..) Let me know. Thanks
  4. Sorry guys I didnt know....apologies..I just found it on google and figured you guys will find it usefull..I was just soo excited when I saw that online i decided to post..again sorry if I did something wrong. You can delete the post..
  5. Watch it online guys ! Its amazing !
  6. Ok Ok. I got the point. Seems like I'll have to be patient for a few more years. I guess this is normal Hopefully I wont get hit by a car or something before I start Jumping Please wait for me SKY ! Thanks for the info, im going to go look at all the local DZ's for learning opportunities at the least, appreciate the input guys. Be Safe.
  7. Holy Buhjeezez !!@ Never seen so many replies at once! Appreciate the comments! sorry about not filling the info, I just did, im in california, I know there are many DZ's out here, but man, its expensive. How old were you when you guys started ? I feel like im getting older and older and IM never going to skydive, well at least till im in my mid twenties (which sound soo late!) Man this is killing me...Im watching "IMAX - Adrenaline Rush DVD" right now and god !, I want to just jump into my screen! I might just rob a bank or something ... dang it. Did anyone here find a way to get Free sky dives ? What if you like clean , fix stuff up or something on a DZ? Anyway ! even if its border line illegal
  8. This sucks..totally sucks. I am 18, and I am going to turn 19 too, but I STILL Havent gone skydiving Ive read everything I can about the sport (and B.A.S.E Jumping) watched dozens of videos , literally hundreds of times, but I STILL havent done it. why you ask ? well, Im in school and I have to pay for everything myself, so I barely have ANY money leftover....even to eat sometimes ... GOD , WHY !? Ive always wante dto skydive since I was like 14, but dammit..I dont have any patience anymore...everytime I see another video, it makes me mad, since im too broke to skydive. What makes me even more mad is that, I probably wont have enough money to skydive for another 3+ years..which totally suck! I cant even save any money because school is siphoning penny ive got...GOD I HATE THIS! If theres any way to skydive for free maybe....I wish. -broke kid