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  1. I know its gonna be real hard work with a flimsy little hook knife but how much easier do you reckon it would make it if you carried a more substantial knife like the CRW guys do?
  2. Level 7 O.M.O?????? Please someone give me a good clue!!!!
  3. Yeah thats good advice. I didn't have many problems with Dummy pulls, missed one, but I would spend time fumbling cos the container was opening, By putting your palm on your leg, you can slide it in behind the opening flaps, often where the dummy handle is hiding. But practice is key. It may seems stupid but standing on the ground practicing it 100 times for 20 mins or so before every jump with dummy rigs, while doing the actions and shouting as loud as you can, thats the best way forward. Me and 2 friends practiced with dummy rigs before every jump and none of us messed up a dummy pull more than once.
  4. I thought it meant you have to have an open canopy above your head by 2000ft. If the CCI thinks you've pulled low, and asks to see your protrack if you have one, I always thought if it was under 2k you were in trouble... and I thought protracks register deployment altitude when you have a pretty much inflated canopy above your head...
  5. Me too. I pray for the same things always: 1. That we have a successful jump (as in turn lotsa points!) 2. That we have fun 3. And above all for all of us to land safely I do that aswell, plus the handshakes, plus checking my handles at least 3 times in the last 2-3000ft of the plane ride...
  6. I don't know much about CRW but was just interested in how competitions work. How many different ways are there you can compete in CRW, is 4 way the main way, and is it having a 4 way stack and the top person has to come to the bottom and see how many times you can do it? Or am I completely wrong... and what other ways of competing are there?
  7. The way you pack your canopy makes a big difference to how it opens. I pro pack my Sabre, no special rolls or anything and it takes about 500ft. I always thought Sabres had a reputation for opening quickly anyway? Pilots are supposed to be nice and soft I've heard. Packing can make a fair difference though.
  8. I don't jump in America, but 300, wow if thats right, that is a lot!
  9. Quick question, why do cypress batteries need changing every 2 years... why not just wait until the battery power is low... I'm not questioning the 4 yr servicing at all here, I'm just wondering why it is a compulsory 2 year battery cycle on the cypress even if they're still working and no error(s) appear when turning on. I'm sure that some people use their cypress batteries way more than others, so there must be juice left in a lot of the cypress batteries that get replaced... or am I missing something here?
  10. I need some inspiration, I need to think of a superhero with a superpower for a fancy dress thing. The best I can think of was Alcomahol man, with the power to down any drink put in front of him.... might get some free drinks... probly dirty pint mixes though... give me a better idea!!
  11. schuey87

    BASE game

    Right OK, is it from the site linked at the start of this thread?
  12. schuey87

    BASE game

    Anyone know anywhere you'll be able to get it or pre-order it, preferably in the UK but I don't mindanswers in the US if thats the only place you can get it?
  13. -48? Thats what I call warm! Here in good old england I was in -75 according to this last weekend! Wasn't even cold.