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  1. No. Wind seemed fine when I got to the dropzone. People had been jumping all day. Was actually kind of hot. Wind was unexpected. Anyway, thanks everyone for the advice.
  2. Can anyone offer any insight on how to land when the wind is so strong you don't seem to be moving forward? Perhaps even being blown back some (?!) This happened to me this last Saturday where the wind was so strong I was losing altitude, but not being able to get to the landing area. Kind of scary and I'm wondering if there is anything you can do to maneuver you parachute despite this???
  3. What's gay is a guy not ordering what he likes to drink because he's worrying about what other people might be thinking about him. That's not even gay actually, that's just pointless, like men who are afraid to wear pink. Someone should come out with a pin or something that denotes straightness. If you're straight wear it on your pink shirt if you have to. lol
  4. This is Gigi. She's about 7 years old. Sweetest puppy on the planet. Likes veggies
  5. 77r

    Caption this!

    Looks like someone wasn't happy about "Detroit 7" taking the last donut in the breakroom
  6. "Old Greeeeeg!" is better. . . . .
  7. Thanks everyone for responding. Re: [beezyshaw] The lines are white originally. They belong to a sabre 150. I don't know if the lines are coated in anything or if I would be damaging/warping them somehow. I personally don't think it would harm them to wash in woolite, but I don't want to do it and find out later I shouldn't have.
  8. I just purchased a canopy, and I'm wondering if it's ok to wash the lines. They're in good shape otherwise, but are just kind of icky/gray. I've seen posts for washing the container, but am wondering if it's advisable to wash the lines in the same manner using woolite(granted I'll keep the solution off of the canopy itself). thx :)
  9. Just tells you a man is secure enough to wear what he likes. And Pink is after all just another (very nice) color. It's retarded to assign it a gender where do things like that get started anyway?
  10. I would hardly call it an attack. It was more like a challenge to prove something wrong. But ok. We backed down hours ago btw as far as I know.
  11. I think I have the whole hydrogen/water thing coming out of my ears at this point. lol. And I appreciate most everyone's input in this posting. No one knew the Atom could be split for a time too, so unlikely things shouldn't be completely dismissed is all I was getting at earlier. I never purported to have evidence to the contrary, but invited proof against what seemed to be a very interesting piece of news. Ryoder and others clarified a few things. Turned into a good discussion (for the most part).
  12. Don't be jealous of dorbie. He just had his BS rabble rousing called on which has sent him off to take his frustration out on his goldfish.
  13. As I said before you got started with your rant : (to Ryoder) "In all fairness, You could be right, but I'm sure there's a lot more to it IF he got it to work. " Until one of you inspects his engine in person, your speculation based on physics reasoning (albeit better than mine) is still speculation. New discoveries are made everyday and don't expect me to discount it simply because someone makes a good argument against it. No one in this thread has proven anything yet, despite some sound physics reasoning as to why they don't think it works. I don't know if it works or not, I don't really care, but as stated earlier, a video like the one I posted gets discussion started. I'm not the issue here. And I'm not pretending that something else happened. As I've said, the stance I have is that someone needs to prove their position before they discount something. And Ryoder and others responded to that statement I made accordingly. Which is how you've been off topic, because you've been fixating on one little statement that like I said was addressed long ago, and which was not argued with by me. My 'grasping' at hydrogen fuel cell technology was simply a response to your adamant insistence that a car cannot be run off of water, which is obviously composed of hydrogen which could make something like the guys car feasible if he found a way to extract it from water. It isn't always necessary to be a tight @$$. Discussing the hypothetical(and quite possibly feasible) is not sacrilege to sound physical reasoning. Having a lack of imagination, or an intolerance of it is what stiffles innovation. Good, you finally see how pointless this all is. At least with your goldfish you'll be able to walk away feeling like you were right in your own hubris arguing a non issue as self appointed memory for the forum. Kudos
  14. I never claimed that without a doubt it wasn't a hoax, I simply invited an explanation before the video in question was dismissed. That's how discussions get started. Ryoder didn't go beyond asking where the energy comes from. That dosn't disprove anything. Once He addressed that comment in better detail than commenting on the energy it takes for the process, he made his point and nothing more was said from me. Like I said, that should have been the end of it. All you're doing is brow beating, and making personal attacks. This thread should have been to discuss the video and the topic in that video, instead you've decided to take one of my begining statements which was already laid to rest, and run with it. You really should quit being such a rabble rouser. That's not what people want to see in these threads
  15. Running a car off of Hydrogen is not bogus. Yes I believe it is possible to run a car off of hydrogen because it is possible despite the energy efficiency issue at this time in regards to extracting it from water. Which Ryoder pointed out. I don't make any apologies for the video. It's not my job to impress you with regard to taking interest in something that could potentially turn into a viable source of energy for our vehicles one day. Whether or not it has a few hurdles to overcome on the way if someone intends to extract that hydrogen from water. "Snake oil" btw was a reference to what Ryoder himself said he had for sale. Go back and read it. That's not my invention. What is sad is that you would use my posting as an opportunity to blow your top fixating on a statement which holds true in a euphemistic sense if nothing else. Ryoder offered a good explanation as to why it isn’t energy efficient. He still hasn’t proven that it “can’t” work. Unless you’re a specialist in that particular field, you can’t disprove it just because you know enough Physics and/or Chemistry to sound “smart”. All you can do is make a better argument as to why it isn’t likely to work compared to someone who is unfamiliar with the technology or physics/chemistry in general. Which is basically what happened. Now that should have been time to move on, Ryoder made his point and it was acknowledged, but one little voice in the peanut gallery had to quip in and start making accusations on a topic that wasn’t even in question. Namely, the energy it takes to break that water down to make it worth using it as a fuel source. Needing massive amounts of electricity to make that process possible is not something I have ever brought up or disputed. So what’s with this whole “You’ll believe anything and didn’t want to listen to RYODER! ” ? Ryoder still didn’t prove that it’s impossible, he only pointed out that it isn’t worth it to invest the energy it takes to do it. In your case I'm glad you don't have a lot of "company". This forum should be fun and comments as benign as mine should not be fodder for such a pointless argument and personal attack. What I said is the position I take in regard to people discounting everything new and unfamiliar. Yes I was interested in what I saw in the news clip and shame on you for trying to suggest I’m weak minded in my interest. Go tell GM/Hummer (with their working Hyrogen fuel cell models) that Ryoder has something to say about it. He knows a little more than most people apparently, including you I gather from your need to call into question my familiarity with the topic to make yourself seem like you know what you're talking about. I’m glad the off topic science behind the process makes enough sense for you to regurgitate it in this discussion to sound like you have what to offer, but you’re off topic to begin with to start an argument about an entirely separate issue. Namely is it worth it to expend the energy to make it work vs. can a car run off of water/hydrogen, which it has been proven it does. You need to do a little research yourself. As far as your mantra "you doubted RYODER and posted a bogus video!! " goes,….Get over it.