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  1. Reminds me of tinder....well the pornbot part anyway. How disappointed I was On a serious note, if it works and disrupts the operation then great.
  2. Also amusing how our PM was dragged into it due to the previous dealings of his father with the company. I agree everyone should play by the rules and pay their fair share of tax yet if i had billions, I would probably do everything i could to retain as much of it as possible via such offshore funds etc.So I would be a hypocrite to criticise from a theoretical POV. With the previous recession and drop in living standards, there is definitely a case for leaders to "lead by example", especially when their election manifestos preachers this (e.g "we are all in this together - Conservative Party tagline).
  3. Hi, used to post here a lot but took 6 years off from the sport, so just getting back in the swing of things.. Little wiser now hopefully! I Would not say I am a fan of either, but would definitely go for Clinton due to: 1. She is NOT Donald Trump 2. Political experience 3. At least understands the machinery of the Whitehouse Thanks
  4. Well heloo mate, it has been a while, i hope you are well!! just returnnig to the forums after a few years lol. How have you been? Still see andy much? at chatteris wasnt it? its been a while since our jumps at old buck
  5. hiya tony, it has been a while!!! like, ummm 4 years or so!! how are you doing? how is your jumping. hope you are well.
  6. my thoughts exactly!
  7. hey all, has been a few years since i have last posted, but am back! (unlucky, hehe) I am booking a holiday near Lamezia in Italy, calabria, to be more precise. What i have read about this part of Italy amazes me, and i really cannot wait to fly out there with my SO. Can anyone who has either been there or is from the region suggest any places worth visiting? ( i know of all the attractions and where they are but are there any that really stand out?) Cheers!!! Mike (P.S. where is andy copland these days?!)
  8. Well at least she didn't win the competition for brains or intellectual statement of the year. Disgusting.
  9. a lame one, but when i would say, "drink?", followed by a response of "yer why not?", i would say "how kind, fosters please!!"
  10. not surprised, shoot first, ask later. thank god our cops in this country don;t have guns unlike US cops. good job MAN!
  11. can't you just tell those sods to bugger off to Siberia and flog rotten tomatoes there to local inhabitants instead of dodgy skydives? Why associate with Skyrie, when there are other agencies that don't offer you a skydive in france and then send you off to baghdad for a jump? We have many in rhe UK that are middle men yet offer skydives ta KNOWN LOCATIONS, not mars. oh and BTW, Skyride must really have you wrapped in handcuffs, if you call yourself Yarak, , sounds more like a pet wildebeast's name from eastern Tibe,t where those little bounders deserve to be.
  12. this is one reason why i hardly ever post in the bonfire anymore. same bunch of people talking abotu what is on the telly or what colour they are all gonna dress their cats in. Just say this suddenly became a brit owned forum, (hypothetically speaking), and we told all the USPA jumpers to fuck off, it would be "hey man, wya doin that for?". Where i jump in Britain there you hardly ever find that stupid elitist attitude. If you want a USPA formum then set your bloody own one up. Instead of posting 33000 times on here, do something better with your time. And you mentioned parachutist? the bpa mag is 10x better anyway.
  13. quit your whining, nothing like a lil does of nicotine 2 get that head rushing and spinning i smoke heavily (25 a day) yet must admit the after smell no someone else even i find it disgusting. solution; keep smoking so u cant smell it
  14. Mike111


    as long as you hum ryhtmically, or it doesnt work. The little soldiers bout to jump out need a steady marching pace, rather than a cluster fuck. ITs the eternal secret of how guys last longer. Honest
  15. never knew you were a fan of "modern" music tony..