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  1. Mike111

    RAFSPA - Weston on the Green

    Went to Weston 28th July- amazed. Great customer service from Stece Scott CCI, and a real good safety briefing - this DZ is very heads up no safety which si great. 17 loads in 6 hours - never seen that before, can do easily 7 or mroe jumps a day here. Manifest is really efficient, the crowds and the vibe regardless of age is awesome. The facilities are huge ,although apparently the packing area can get quite congested when a billion members turn up. The G92 is f*ing quick, and real comfy aswell. 10/10 - great DZ - great staff great people huge landing area etc etc. Real worth a visit! Cheers.
  2. AFF- safer quicker, but more expensive. More fun- freefall!!!! Fuck SL. takes years
  3. Mike111


    Bough a 170 and love it. Hard openings but hey I likek that, better than snivels. Very stable in turbulence. good response but very fast. Lovely canopy. does dump you a bit but a very good buy. Thansk paratec.
  4. Mike111


    just read the blog for that... incredible hell he should get the highest award for that!
  5. Mike111


    Done around 15 jumps on one of these, including all AFF levels. Found it to be very forgiving of an uneven and early flare and determined to stand me on my feet on touchdown. Very easy to control, makes one feel very safe - no radical turn movements and is a very useful canopy to learnon. Thats probably why our DZ owns ten of them!!!! Cons - None
  6. Mike111

    What is Wavier?

    Its a formyou sign saying you achknowledge the risk of skydiving and that it can cause death and injury adn basically that you won;t sue if anything happens to you.
  7. Mike111

    WElcome to me!

    Welcome, where will you jump? Mike
  8. Mike111

    can you relate to this?

    I know the feeling. But hey best of luck with the rest of your AFF, sounds like youve got the easy bits to do now, so go and have a blast!!! Mike
  9. Mike111

    Finally done my AFF

    Nice one mate!!!! Hopefully the weather for us will impove in this shitty weather country!
  10. Mike111


  11. Mike111


    Depends on where you live.... what training you do.... how much competition in the area. etc etc. Do some research on your dropzones or to see if something is good value compare it to other DZ's in your state/country.
  12. Mike111

    Hello People...

    Good luck mate, n have fun!!!! Mike
  13. Mike111

    UK Parachuting

    Have to reweite review. Previous one said it was excellent, but now I need a new word better than that!!! Grant + Tomo work extremely hard, and run the DZ exceptionally well. Even with it being winter one can still can bang out 4 consols in one day!!! the gear and training is excellent, as shown by the continous wave of new students pouring in to start jumping. Their friendliness is unmatched, this place is easily 100/10, and I cannot think of a better place where I would have rather learned or continue to jump. With a 15 seater coming in march... it can only get better (which seems impossible as its alreayd perfect), and fulyl recommend anyone , regardless of where they live, to come and check it out. youre guaranteed a fab time! on a personal note - a very big thankyou to everyone there who helpd me get through AFF. Mike
  14. Mike111

    B P A. agm

    dunno bout membership.. but becuase of it some dropzones are closed this weekend, when it is nice weather!!!!