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  1. People shouldnt be so vague in their thread titles; I was expecting this to be about asian drivers. we need to talk about your flare..
  2. For crying out loud, God gave us two of each limb because He knew humans are careless and would loose one from time to time. I would say thats more than fare. Those who think its God's job to heal amputees dont have a leg to stand on... we need to talk about your flare..
  3. A woman can call me cute all day long, but when one standing with me in the airport security line calls my computer bag cute and asks me where I got it, she might as well call me gay. This would be fine if I was, but as a straight man, it obligates me to do some explaining. we need to talk about your flare..
  4. Just wait until facebook changes the "poke" to a "fist-bump". Nothing brings social networking acquaintances together like a good fisting. we need to talk about your flare..
  5. The good part? It probably gave a generous boost to the paper mill industry. we need to talk about your flare..
  6. Thanks to both of you. I checked out the website. It said fun jumpers welcome, but to call ahead of time, so I called today. I hate to bare bad news, but apparently they no longer accept fun jumpers in any capacity, and the website wasnt up to speed. According to the women I spoke with, it had something to do with reduced landing area. Whatever the reason, a big disappointment. Yeah dmcipod, i jumped at Taft a few years ago when I first moved out here. I liked it, but the commute really took the wind out of my sails, and the cash from my pocket. Well, that was the first and last time looking at nav charts gets me excited. we need to talk about your flare..
  7. Just picked up a Los Angeles TAC and sectional and noticed a "Parachute Jumping Area" symbol on the edge of Camarillo airport's class D airspace. I did a DZ search for within 100 miles of my location (Malibu) and only got Taft, Perris and Elsinore. I have been out of the sport for 3 years, so maybe I missed a development or two. Any information on this would be appreciated; a DZ this close just might make jumping during law school possible. we need to talk about your flare..
  8. ahh blast. sorry, the indents didnt carry over. we need to talk about your flare..
  9. im in a bind and would really appreciate some critiques on the essay as a whole and proof read for grammar/punctuation. all law schools ask for a personal statement which is pretty open ended. basically it needs to convince them that i would be a good candidate for law school. i have a thick skin but thin on time, so dont hold back. thank you very much. The forecast had called for a cold but calm afternoon, for the more severe winter weather was not expected to arrive until nightfall. Therefore, I was surprised to be staring at a dark and troubled sky within hours of that optimistic outlook. Normally I would just seek security in my own home, but there was the dilemma; I was several thousand feet above the ground flying solo in a small plane. As a young pilot, my experience was limited but I knew two things: these clouds contained freezing rain, and popsicles can’t fly. The alternatives were bleak. Continuing on course risked flying into an ice storm and turning back entailed exceeding fuel endurance. This predicament demanded my full capacity for risk assessment and critical decision-making, for both options risked catastrophe. If there is one concept I have embraced most from aviation, it is the significance of making incisive decisions and the responsibility of living with their cost. Pilots live and die by their own judgment. This is illustrated by the old aviation adage, “there are good pilots and then there are dead pilots”. When I started flying, this ultimate level of accountability began to influence the way I perceived other things in life, forcing me to view my decisions not as a luxury but as a responsibility to myself and those who would be affected by them. Just like engine failures and electrical fires are part of aviation, an absent father can be a part of life. I am not unique in this respect, life is tough and everyone has problems. I have learned however, that neither in-flight emergencies nor personal trials are times for self-loathing, but rather for one’s finest performance and decision-making, for in all encounters with adversity, the outcome depends on how the individual confronts them. On the surface, aviation and law seem to have little overlap; making the news as an attorney is usually a good thing while making the news as a pilot usually means you crashed. However, after gaining a more intimate experience with the justice system, I recognized the monumental responsibility bestowed on those who wield the power of law. When my cousin was molested by his drama teacher at age twelve he faced an uphill battle. The teacher assumed my cousin would expose him, thus fabricating his own story to discredit the twelve-year-old. This pitted the word of a respected teacher against a troubled pre-teen’s, who could not even recount the event without shaking. With the administration against him, my cousin had to put all trust and hope in a lawyer. The lawyer’s decisions carried the burden of not only my cousin’s well being, but of finding justice for the teacher’s prior victims who were too traumatized to carry through with the prosecution, as well as preventing future victims. One guilty conviction and a fifteen-year-sentence later, these responsibilities were fulfilled with life-improving consequences for my cousin and our whole family. The ability to exercise sound judgment is a gift, as I know from first-hand experience that there are many who do not posses this blessing. After graduating, I began working as live-in with Carl, an Alzheimer’s patient whom I had met while working at the Pepperdine gym. A man who was a world-renowned artist and had once began a successful design corporation now needed my help putting his shoes on the right feet. How could he manage protecting his business and livelihood? Once again, I witnessed the powerful exchange of trust for responsibility between a lawyer and client. Even able-minded people can be helpless when it comes to making decisions that are beyond their ability to make wisely. As a member of the Choctaw Nation tribe with most of my family employed by the Choctaw Nation, I realize my community is in need of conscientious decision-makers. The Choctaw community has been permeable to every problem in society, which are amplified by poverty and alcoholism. While I am very proud of the initiatives and programs put forth by my tribe to help its own people, I would personally like to see greater access to competent legal council, and hope to fulfill this role with my law degree. I will continue to view life through the lens of a pilot. My cousin, Carl, and the Choctaw people have all been passengers on a plane they did not know how to fly. As the pilots, their lawyers were charged with the great task of landing them safely at their desired destination regardless of challenges or bad weather. Failing to achieve this would have had negative consequences on life, just as it would in aviation. The great responsibility and use of critical decision making is what attracted me to flying. Recognizing that I can apply the same skill set to serve a purpose higher than myself is now what calls me to pursue law. This desire to serve was nurtured during my undergraduate career at Pepperdine, and by attending Pepperdine Law I am assured that I will experience further growth in this regard. we need to talk about your flare..
  10. maybe i should have mentioned that its a coed event. we need to talk about your flare..
  11. http://www.santaspeedorun.com/ is anyone participating in this? im flying in all the way from texas to put myself on display for the anxious bostonians. i cant get any of my friends to jump on board, their all selfish and want to keep their bulge (or crevass) to themselves, but it would be nice to know if any friendly faces are going to be in the area. its a great opportunity to run around practicaly naked without having to be drunk, whilst keeping your dignity intact. we need to talk about your flare..
  12. i just now made it back to pepperdine. everything seems to be calming down around here now. if anyone needs a place to reside for a while, let me know. we need to talk about your flare..
  13. im a pepperdine student. we were woke up at 6 30 and told to go down to the gym. me and my mate decided to get going while the going was good and get out of the area before all the roads shut down. so much for the midterm tomorrow. i guess thats one good thing. hopefuly we can get back soon. we need to talk about your flare..
  14. 1987 http://www.greenideasblog.com/images/fetus.jpg we need to talk about your flare..
  15. good luck. i havnt come accross too many homosexuals in skydiving. then again maybe skydiving just employees the dont ask dont tell policy, or i havnt been around long enough and my gaydar is broke. we need to talk about your flare..