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  1. Andy9o8

    Uber app install keeps coming up.

    I'm getting it too Samsung android Pls fix this, guys
  2. Andy9o8

    GQ Security "The Unit"

    Just throwing this out there: is it possible the current landing characteristics of your PD 190 are, at least partly, affected by the age/permeability of the fabric? How well does it flare anymore? Also, if the Unit - which is what, 30 - 35 years old? - has been well-jumped, wouldn't fabric permeability be an issue with that one, too? And if it's one of the 200 sq ft canopies, would that land much slower than your 190? Again, these are just questions, and I'm sure as heck not a rigger. I'm humbly open-minded to learning.
  3. Andy9o8

    Clean, Safe, Quiet Skies

    Paranoid megalomania knows no geographic boundaries. Or somethinglike that.
  4. Andy9o8

    PM idea

    Would it stop a person from enabling his PMs, PMing someone and then (re-?)disabling his PMs before the recipient could respond?
  5. Andy9o8

    Funny Skydiving Nicknames

    A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... i.e., my first DZ back in the 70's... there were these 2 girls, I think they were friends, who were student jumpers. Pretty close together in time, one of them pulled really really low...and lived. The other one no-pulled for whatever reason, and her trusty (!) Sentinel Mark-1 popped her reserve... and she lived. Thereafter, they were called "Low-Pull and No-Pull".
  6. Andy9o8

    "Who" invented "what" in skydiving?

    I invented dumping through my legs while on my back in a flat spin in the mid-1970s.
  7. I respectfully urge all to please consider this (and I hope this post is permitted to remain here):;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC;forum_view=forum_view_collapsed;;page=unread#unread
  8. Andy9o8

    Hello From Upstate NY

    Where in Upstate NY are you? Finger Lakes Skydivers is in Ovid, near Syracuse. Frontier Skydivers is in the Buffalo-Niagara Falls area. I think there's a third one up there closer to Rochester, too. The Ranch is great, but it's more downstate in Gardiner, near Poughkeepsie.
  9. Andy9o8

    Need advice in Philly

    [url] Here's your link.[/url]
  11. Andy9o8

    Need training graphics
  12. Andy9o8

    PD "Proxy"

    It's all about choosing one's own level of risk to assume. Remember, 99% of the population think you and I are utterly mad for engaging in even the most docile and conservative of parachute jumps. Do DZs and skydiving equipment manufacturers have no shame by advertising their products? Does jumping out of airplanes with only fabric parachutes to save one's life need more encouragement? Hell in a handbasket.
  13. Andy9o8

    Buffalo, NY?

    When I got started Back In The Day (1970s), one of my earliest DZs was [url] Frontier Skydivers[/url], now in Newfane, near Wilson (outskirts of Buffalo-Niagara Falls area). Terrific DZ, wonderful people, salt of the earth. It's a testament that while none of the other several DZs in Upstate NY that existed back then still exist today, Frontier is still there, and some of the people who jumped there back then still jump there today (some of whom post here!).
  14. Andy9o8

    friend requests???

    Do you ever click on someone's profile while reading on a mobile phone? If so, the friend-request link is so close to the profile link that it's easy to send a friend request inadvertently. (p.s., It Would be nice if they gave us a confirmation screen first before the request is sent... especially if you're trying to check out the profile of someone you think is a Big Fat Douche. )
  15. Andy9o8

    should i continue aff?

    Wrong. I've written about a dozen posts to students who say that. Although each jump is expensive, there's no such thing as a "failed" student jump that you land safely. An AFF jump is training - it's practice - it is NOT a test. If you have to repeat a training level to learn the skills, that's what practice is all about. Get your head out of the mindset that the need to PRACTICE a training level more than once is "failure", or you'll set yourself up for needless and unwarranted discouragement. If your instructors intimidate you or make you think that you "failed" a training jump, then you need to find new instructors or a new DZ.