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  1. I've now got all the info I was looking for. Thanks a lot, much appreciated, John
  2. Thanks Rob Do you happen to know if Accuracy canopies use slats and flaps as do the latest iteration of Base canopies?
  3. I some times have a need to vertically sink a large 7 cell into some tight areas at night. I'm in the market for a new canopy but want to make a better informed decision especially as I've just rcently had a hip replacement. My body weight is 175ibs and my current canopy is 280 sq ft. What ratio of suspended weight to canopy square footage do accuracy jumpers reccommend? thanks in advance, John (Kenya)
  4. To those that responded to my questions, many thanks John (Kenya)
  5. I apologise in advance if I haven't searched properly but would someone please advise/confirm: 1 - The CX12 doesn't have a LANC port so can a Cam Eye or HypEye somehow be used with it? 2 - What is the conclusion regarding "shake". Has it been concluded that this camcorder is or is not suitable for freefall videography? Thanks in advance, John Scher (Kenya)
  6. John_Scher

    What to do?

    As I am a father I will gratefully accept your fathers day gesture. My base buddy has left East Africa and there are no other Basers in this part of the world that I know of. I could either stop jumping or go solo. I have now done a few solos both with & without ground crew and find them extremely fulfilling as well as challenging. There is no longer the opportunity for any "look at me Bravado" and nor is there any moral support. Solos have helped me know me better. I also find solos quite demmading in that I now have to do some considerable trekking to get back to my car etc. In terms of numbers I am new to the sport and cannot provide guidance or advice but I have found solos to be very worthwhile
  7. John_Scher

    A and camera

    Perhaps you could have better worded it thus: I'm sorry that you are not English and that you tend to think in non English terms however...
  8. When I go I would like my organs to benefit any worthy living sole(s). If my name and perticulars could also be of some benefit in one form or another I would not hesitate to offer them in advance. The remnants of my family fully understand this as do my close friends John
  9. Shame but decision respected John
  10. This thread really made me laugh and I'm not being sarcastic. Some guy proudly presents his new hand made rig and in return gets comments and recomendations on his carpet. Excellent! John
  11. We are out on a limb here in Kenya and to the best of my knowledge there is at present all of one base jumper(s) in the whole of East and Central Africa: me! Any & all Knowlege Bases, Wikki's, Forums, "Lists" and helpful people ie TA & Sean (when he was still with us) are invaluable to me. I constantly study all of the above, formulate my own opinions and ideas and modify my Base behaviour accordingly. I respect the various points of view expressed in this thread and vote in favour of the List. John
  12. Rhonda, What is the actual date as we here in Kenya would like to send him a card rgds John
  13. I do, I have a 6 year old boy and it's a dilemma for me. Do I continue risking my life for my own gratification or do I shape up and become a more responsible parent? I didn't know him and I say this with the greatest respect but I sometimes think of Lukas and the beautiful kids he left behind. As I said it's a dilemma, at least for me. John
  14. John_Scher

    uk basers

    people in the UK have bad teeth and there food is terrible and they talk funny. --------------------------------------------------------------------- As much as I endeavour to get on with other nationalities at the end of the day I have to accept that they are simply not British. Regards John
  15. ...and a pretty unique story (which is finally funny now) Could we hear it? rgds John