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  1. What kind of CRW experience levels do these buddies have? Not a whole lot if I was to guess. It sounds like a CRW camp or some training would be beneficial.
  2. ...or the bar just announced they ran out of vodka!
  3. You would figure a guy from the UK would have a better mastery of the English language!!!! Dolt.
  4. Funny how you just registered last week. I got the exact same e-mail from Sonny on both my listings.
  5. It was a fun time and hats off to the Maytown hospitality, especially for the food and beer Saturday night. Terry had an accident in the outhouse for jump#6000 Chuck & I survived a wrap thanks to a little luck and Ted's superior piloting skills. Group photo.
  6. A few years ago, two inexperienced guys at my DZ had the same idea with their 9 cells because they fly very similar next two each other. When I say inexperienced, it means no little CRW jumps and formal training. The end result were two cutaways but they were trying to take into a side by side when it imploded. I have done CRW with ellipticals in the form of a stack (not planed) but in your case, get some training and practice under CRW specific canopies first.
  7. The in house rigger at Cross Keys is pretty good at shooting CRW video. He's actually pretty good at a lot of stuff. Pick his brain if you're serious but get some more experience first.
  8. My old dropzone had a tradition of putting a pie in the face of the 100 jump wonder. Newbies were always looking over your shoulder.
  9. He was one of the good ones. I will miss him.
  10. I took this last month at TF. Not sure who it is.
  11. rpersi

    What to do?

    How the night ended was none of the above. My bud actually showed up, we jumped a B, and had a few beers afterward. A good time was had by all. As I type this, I realize it is Father's Day. Happy Father's Day to all you [email protected] F#*ker$ out there! Randy
  12. rpersi

    What to do?

    Perfect weather the past five days and my BASE bud had plans the past five nights (girlfriend and new house stuff). The weather is real good for a prime local object and it screams jump me like a hot chick. If he bails again: Options: A) Jump anyway by myself (with ground crew) B) Invite BlackDeath Kenny along despite my better judgment C) Not jump and start drinking D) Other (I cannot even imagine the replies I'll get on this option)
  13. First tard, thanks Jamie.
  14. Bullshit. There was at one time video of test jumps of these from a building . Don't remember who or where, but it was a lowish building with a PLF landing on the grass. I stand corrected.