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  1. Thanks Andy. I don't know when the mysterious aircraft will be there. Unfortunately As much as I want to be there for the whole thing I will only be there jumping Saturday and Sunday. By the way, If you would like for me to help out with some of the SCR jumps I want to help.
  2. I want in on the mysterious aircraft. Is there somewhere I can prepay for slots or will there be plenty of slots available?
  3. What is the camcorder of choice now? I am about to get one and didnt want to spend the money on one without some input.
  4. Its The Farm , you will be greeted with arms wide open. Everyone there is friendly. If you have never been there before you will have met everyone before you leave. I would suggest take that new rig and get on the plane and have some fun jumps with some fun people.
  5. If all my problems were as minor as this, I would never complain. just sayin
  6. Looking forward to seeing everyone again. Hopefully get some jumps in if my neck is any better. I had a crazy, funky opening this past weekend that has left me turning my whole body just to look around the past 2 days.
  7. hell yes, lets do night jumps. i am sure we can round up enough people especially with it getting darker earlier.
  8. Hey Skybill, I wasn't directing my statement to you. I was meant for the thread.
  9. Just out of curiosity, DZ dummie posted this thread in July 2004, Why are we still trying to explain to them what a closing pin necklace is for? Its been a little over 5 years now.
  10. Just my 2 cents: If you have to ask others is it safe then its probably not safe. Last year I chose not to go to Skyfest b/c I didnt want to put myself or others in any danger. I attended Skyfest this year and after attending I would have to say that ( for a student)a big boogie might not be the best place to jump. No matter how good your instructor is or how much information they can give you, when you are in the air with alot of other canopies you can get distracted very easily and start making bad decisions. There will always be a next boogie. Be careful out there.
  11. I have a Dz 45 minutes from my house and 1:15 minutes from my house. I drive a little over 2 hours to go to the Farm. Great place, great people, When I first started jumping there ( around 50 jumps or so) , I was still trying to do some solo jumps. I didnt realize how hard it was to do a solo jump. I was invited with open arms to jump with others. I remember the first time I arrived at the Farm I expected the same thing I had got from other DZs when walking up to the hanger but to my surprise everyone was greeting me. At the time I didnt know anyone there but now I know most everyone and I am now doing my part in welcoming people to the DZ. (yes, I know, I said first 3 times so who is going to call me on it?)
  12. I generally get my wifes attention and ask her ;Hey what do you think about her? If for some reason I am slacking and do not see a hot chick she usually gets my attention and says hey you missed her and she was hot too. We both feel like there is nothing wrong with looking cause we both know who we are going home with.