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  1. chuckbrown

    2012 USPA Nationals - Standings and Results

    You posted the standings for CF 2 way sequential twice, once under 2 way and once under CF 4 way sequential.
  2. chuckbrown

    GK CRW

    I love seeing CRW being done with trailing pilot chutes. Just wait until they tangle (and they will). The GK should do CRW, but they should spend my tax dollars and get the right gear. Reminds me of 2006 Nationals when I was on a load with the GK. I asked why they weren't competing in CRW. They said "Our CO think it's too dangerous." My teammate at the time was on the short list to command the GK and definitely was into CRW. If you're gonna be "on it" doing CRW, get the right gear. You'll be glad you did.
  3. chuckbrown

    CRW Pup Camp October 2-4 @ Maytown

    The List: 1. Terry Ross (Instructor) 2. Frank Matrone (Instructor) 3. Chico Tomaselli (Instructor) 4. Randy Persi (Instructor) 5. Alan Ressler (Instructor) 6. Chuck Brown (Instructor) 7. Ted Cheung (Instructor) 8. Eduardo Guillen (Instructor)(maybe) 9. Jen Galbraith 10. Scott Lazarus 11. Joe Caulfield 12. Mike Kauffman 13. Greg Mirkin 14. Pete Torland 15. Dave Norbert There's a great instructor/student ratio, so people will learn alot. There's gonna be a lot of beer owed
  4. chuckbrown

    CF canopy at terminal

    Dacron & the tail pocket aren't what will slam you. It's the big open nose of a CRW canopy that will inflate much faster than a FF canopy. I've seen Lightnings taken to terminal without problems, but they were packed for a very slow opening (bury the nose). I've also packed a FF ZP canopy with a mesh slider like a reserve (exposing the nose) and deploying at sub-terminal. I won't do that again.
  5. chuckbrown

    Problems with SCM-CF 2008 nationals

    I'll post this on the List, if you'll tell me what the problems are PM me
  6. chuckbrown

    Is there something wrong with me? ;-)

    The only thing "dedicated" about my rig are the canopy, risers & jumper . On the rare occassions when I do freefall, all I have to do is switch out the canopy/risers & the closing loop, and I'm good to go. Welcome to the Dark Side. Enjoy the cookies.
  7. Either add links in the front of the Tri or in the rear of the Lightning. They'll fly fine together at similar wingloadings. Although I've never flown a Tri with links in the front, I can't see why it would be harder to land than a Lightning. Hehehe.
  8. Not bad. In the section dealing with wraps around a foot, I'd suggest also having the higher jumper twist 180 in their risers to relieve the tension of the lower canopy on the foot.
  9. chuckbrown

    Best CRW porn! I'm too lazy to make it clicky
  10. chuckbrown

    Competent Instruction 4 1st Jump

    Cross Keys runs a first-rate training operation with some of the best instructors in the business.
  11. chuckbrown

    night downplane- thoughts, stories?

    Don't burn it low. As long as you break it off with enough altitude to land safely, it's no big deal. Well, not really, cuz night CRW is really f***ing cool.
  12. chuckbrown

    Digitude suitable for CReW?

    Altimeters are huge snag hazards. Many people will have a pocket sewn onto their jumpsuit, usually on the leg, with a clear outer cover. The altimeter is highly visible and has no snag hazard. Glad you're interested in CRW. Have fun.
  13. chuckbrown


    Yeah, and just who the hell are the Dawg Pitchers???? Oh yeah, thanks for the DVD.
  14. chuckbrown

    Where are all the lightnings?

    The 143 is probably one of the most popular-sized Lightnings out there. Good luck finding a used one. There was one advertised on the CRW dog e-mail list last week, but was scooped up before the seller could even respond to my e-mail.
  15. I noticed it on the Atlanta Journal-Constitution website, and apparently it was on Good Morning America. There's a thread in the Bonfire detailing how this story is "not accurate."