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  1. Just out of interest, how did you work out the dimensions for your slider or is it just a temporary design?
  2. What's the best way to get from O'Hare to CSC? Are there any bus routes or is it going to have to be a cab? If any locals are heading that way in mid June and want beer/money for the ride pm me.
  3. Nothing, i dont have anywhere near the ability to handle them. Im just curious I did also mean to add "other than 2 less cells" to that last post.
  4. Are there any differences in between the 7 and the 5 cell? How do they handle differently?
  5. Thats awesome, i've been trying to keep track of whats going on but the website doesnt give you much more info other than country names. Is it a standard cf setup (retractable bridle/freepacked/tailpocket etc? Earlier in the thread someone was mentioning experimenting with different deployment methods, anything different?
  6. Did anything come of this? Are any teams using them now?
  7. Hence why I was taught you ask people if they want pin checks. Just thought it cant be a bad idea, they take so little time, most of the time involve very minimal touching of another persons gear and insure your ready to leave when your getting in the plane regardless of circumstances. There was a pic in the mag of a 3 ring loop that had been caught worn through (i think in the plane), just figured finding stuff like this before you are in the air should be a priority. As always i know nothing and am merely curious.
  8. Why arent gear checks mandatory at US dropzones? I know a lot of people have their friends check them out but why isnt it in the rule book? (posted by a very ill informed foreign jumper - so apologies if i'm way off the mark)
  9. From the point of view of a less experienced jumper I think it would be selling students short to lower the reqs. in any way. The people who take short cuts to ratings arent the people I would have wanted to take me out of a plane the first time, regardless of if it was safe or not. There should be a good industry standard to offer a good level of customer value.
  10. A mistake in my other post, i wasnt really talking about TO, more from when the seat belts come off up until 9000' when the student was left to roam free.
  11. Just noticed it happens at all the DZ's i've visited. Im also pretty sure i'd rather be loosely strapped to the TI on the off chance of an emergency than be a bit more comfortable. Seems kinda like the seatbelt argument, yes its an extra thing to do, digging around for one but at the end of the day, you dont want to be in a crash without one. After thinking about it the TI might have been strapped on the bottom two hooks, just throwing it out there.
  12. Not to jump on the criticising wagon and I have both no tandem experience and very little overall experience so im probably talking utter nonsense but shouldnt the student be hooked up from TO? What would happen in an emergency exit situation? P.S quite a cool video
  13. In a lot of news reports concerning incidents you often hear how the local LE are examining the gear etc. Do they have a rigger along for the ride who explains things to them and essentially is the person doing the investigation or do they really just poke it around trying to figure it out? A rigger is often brought in later but initially (and i might be wrong here in my impression of such reports, or as is quite often the case they could be innacurate) the LE seem to get ahold of it first. Whats the procedure for this kind of circumstance or does it vary with where you are?
  14. Anyone heard anything about this place? Jump ticket prices? Whether their only open special times of the year? Anyone with experiences there? Aircraft? How many jumps you can get in a day? Safety record? (im not questioning it here, but i've heard a few things about this place and it seems too good to be true so thought it would be prudent to ask) ETA: are there any licence requirements to jump there? What altitude do they get?