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  1. not yet they still have some counstruction left to do and some work on the runway
  2. I called them a couple of weeks ago and the measage on the phone said they were closed for constuction
  3. Garycal


    They put them in orchards to scare away pesky birds
  4. I started at 58 still go every chance I get
  5. What was the name of Red riders sidekick?
  6. They were woking on the rest rooms when I was there in May the landing area was nice green grass and the packing area was just just starting to come in George still had to cover it.If the weather is good this weekend I will drive down there
  7. They were last summer when I was there
  8. Has anyone besides me jumped there?
  9. Garycal

    Hank III

    Do you have any of his albums ?
  10. I was just talking to my son he lives in ague dolse he said he could see the smoke and flames from his front yard they havent had to evacuate yet .
  11. How far are you from Acton I just read the folks are being told to evacuate
  12. Them fires are scary both my kids live in So Cal.How close to Bakersfield are you?
  13. people are just stupid
  14. no you are not too old i started aff when i was 58 at sixty seven i still jump and there are guys out there older then me still jumping
  15. what age do you consider one to be an old fart? I eas 30 years old in 1972 that is fairly new music
  16. Also spam and fried potatoes and bbq. beans
  17. Propably any thing by Glenn Miller band it was a long time ago