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  1. I am a United Methodist minister and a (retired) attorney. Theater major in undergrad, J.D. degree and Master of Divinity degree.
  2. Same here -- the support came entirely from older skydivers who have been around, seen a lot and have their own stories to tell about heeding that instinct. Their understanding and encouragement helped me face down the collective "what's wrong with you" I was getting fr other corners. If any if you are reading this -- thank you!Quote
  3. Glad you found a home you are comfortable with, Daniel! I'll look forward to meeting you one day. Look at my profile pic and you will see how readily I tend to stand out in a skydiving crowd! BTW, in another life I was an unemployed actress. One of the SDLI rookies does television and movie production. This is information with no point. Just sayin' ...
  4. Hi there. Welcome. Just want to offer you some encouragement. I am a written exam away from my B license. Twice during my AFP progression I chose to land with the plane rather than jump. If you are not feeling confident, then you are not feeling confident and pushing through is not a good idea. I had several skydivers, including my AFP instructor, encourage me to honor that feeling of "not now; not today." It could save your life sometime. Something I did to help my head game: I ordered a kind of self-hypnosis CD by a sports psychologist from It helped immeasurably. I also learned to channel any anxiety about jumping into positive things: checking my gear, rehearsing the dive, deep breathing. Singing also helps Hang in there!
  5. Hi. I also jump at SDLI. Our last day of jumping for the season is November 18th. But you can probably finish up at Skydive Cross Keys or Skies the Limit if you choose not to go up to the Ranch. Welcome to the family.
  6. Quick update: Got my A license on Wednesday! Almost started crying after my check out jump. Beer helped.
  7. I completely agree with you: that moment of exit into the air -- God's breath -- is a time of intensely intimate communion. On my knees in prayer, I invariably wind up expressing my wants and needs to God. In the air, I can do nothing but listen for the divine voice and lay in the everlasting arms and rejoice in the changes that this all makes in me. Every time I return to earth I am a little more changed. This is a spiritual journey for me unlike any other. Thank you for your words. They have encouraged me to say more broadly what a deeply transformative experience this is for me. Peace to you.
  8. Thanks, its on my list to get accomplished ASAP. Its a requirement now for the B, but I figured, given my challenges, sooner is better than later. I think my issue, though, is perception and timing. Skydiving is the first and only sport in which I have ever participated. No frame of reference for skills others probably take for granted. I will jump more and land more and conquer it!
  9. Thanks! Still really excited, but trying to temper it to find some balance. Very into skydiving as an expression of my spiritual self. (Except I am on a renewal leave until the end of the summer. My plans? Nothing but skydiving! So much for balance...) I hope you do make it out to SDLI. For my part, I keep asking women I don't know if they are "Sapphire." It would be nice to be correct one of these days!
  10. Can't sleep. Thought I'd check in with an update. Did my first jump course on March 31st. Lots of frustrations with the weather and some travel for work slowed me down a bit, but I managed to graduate AFP by the middle/end of May. Working on my A now. Still experiencing weather frustrations; but I hear it comes with the territory. Learned to pack a few weeks ago. So now, if I can't jump, I pack and unpack and pack and unpack. Deadly dull, but necessary. In 15 jumps I have landed on my feet exactly once. Also have had three pretty hard landings. But I learned something (or some things) from each one, so there's that. Glad to be part of this community. Terrific journey.
  11. My very first car was a Chrystler Newport. Circa 1963. Useless. Couldn't park it anywhere in downtown Providence, RI, where I was living, so I wound up taking the bus more often than not anyway.
  12. I did not know your father. Had a friend or two at the boogie, and so when I read the news article on the internet it drew my attention. Your Dad's courageous act saved people's lives. I will not soon forget his name or his story. As you and your family go through this painful, challenging time, may you find comfort and support in the love of those around you -- and, if it helps you, in the arms of the Divine presence.