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  1. Still got the 195. It hasn't been flying in a couple years because I robbed parts off it to get the B18 flying. I've replaced all the parts except the carburator which I should get in a couple of days. Hope to have it flying again in a couple weeks.
  2. I agree. They can get their demo license directly from the FAA. All they have to do is get an FAA inspector to witness their 10 jumps and have him sign them off. Then the waiver, if any is needed, is from the FAA not USPA.
  3. BEEzy I'm going to miss you at the DZ. You never had any problems with my flying or spots. Wish I had the chance to see you again.l
  4. What I would do is look at the top of this page under Dropzones. Go through the country, state menus, and click on the DZ of your choice. Under location, the name of the airport appears along with an alphanumeric code in parentheses. Copy or remember that code. Now go to and under airports, type in that code. The next page will give you the airport elevation. Remember though jump altitudes are given in above ground level (AGL), so 10,000' at a sea level airport is still 10,000' at one with a 1.000' altitude.
  6. I've owned a MAC since the early 80's. My first one was a 512K with no hard drive. I understand the operating system therefore I prefer MAC's over Windows. I use a Windows machine at work. I just bought a 20" Intel IMAC and installed Bootcamp so I could run Windows. There is a program that I use at home that does not come in a MAC version. Now I have one computer that runs both MacOS and XP. I was told at the Apple store to stay away from Vista. I bought XP and have not had any issues. There is one benefit of a MAC. At the moment there is no virus or spyware of any significance out there for the Intel Macs. I just ran a freeware virus program that is highly recommended on the MAC sites, and the hard disk was completely clean. That was after using it for a couple of weeks with no firewall or any protection. I now have the firewall and virus software installed, and both were free.
  7. There is nothing fishy about Skydive Atlas. I haven't worked for Sean, but I know he has a very good marketing mind and works with the local government and business leader of the area. He has backing and I hope nothing but good comes from his efforts. He was concentrating on just tandems at Sturgis and didn't try to bring in the experienced jumpers, but he said that was a mistake. I'm sure next year everyone will be invited.
  8. I own the other one (N2103C). The differences being mine has a larger step, an external oil cooler, and a modified Beech cowling instead of the Howard cowling which combined slows her down compared to 95N. I've also seen pictures of one in Skydiving Magazine in South America and one with a Garrett engine that was also in South America. We still fly her at West Tennessee Skydiving when Mike is gone with the King Air. We fly with 5 jumper due to the short runway, but have had 6 when I've flown for other DZ's with longer runways. I can't imagine 8 on board. Your record is safe.
  9. I've PM'd you with Kevin's email address.
  10. Kevin at was selling surplus military gear. Try the above link eventhough it appears outdated. If you can't get in touch with him, I'll try to find a good number. David
  11. Damn, Tommy was my Ground school instructor and he made a few of my AFF jumps.
  12. Damn did you see those PLF's. My bones hurt.
  13. Check out Airtech's website and it will give you an idea on how much to pay for a used cypres.
  14. I was trying to find a better place than rec.skydiving.