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    was Skydive San Antonio....
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  1. You may see if Mike Mullins (on here MikeMullins) can give some guidance. The guy has owned or flown about everything out there. Hope you get what you need, sounds like you have a great plan and plane in the making.....
  2. Beerlight

    Sky's the Limit, Beeville, TX

    Was Gary Morgan still running the place? I used to fly the jump plane from San Antonio down there for jumps on quite a few occasions. Like back in the 80's and early 90's! What a runway
  3. Beerlight

    First Boogie?

    I'm sure someone will come up with a few boogies for ya. Be careful about how much you list about yourself on the Interstalker net these days.....
  4. Beerlight

    Chris Bickerdike

    I started flying for SD San Antonio not long after Chris went in. I have an old! SA t-shirt with Chris' handiwork on it. That guy was talented! Buck
  5. Beerlight

    skydiving near Ft. Hunter Liggett Ca

    I ran a search in the database. Looks like Skydive Monterey is fairly close. Maybe 75 - 90 miles northwest of you......
  6. What's their reimbursement policy? If you decide on jump 2 it's not for you, can you get the remainder of your money back? just a thought in my head......
  7. Yes, the U.S. Air Force and Navy currently utilize land parasailing for training new student pilots on how to control a round canopy and performing proper PLF's. I ought to know, I ran the parasail program (aka parachute familiarization training program) at Columbus AFB, MS from 1997 to 2003. For any further questions you can google the Air Force Instruction which governs the program: AETCI 36-2224. We used a 300 rope and pulled the students behind a pickup truck to an altitude of approx. 150 feet before the operator on the truck released the rope. Buck
  8. Beerlight

    Thanks Diablopilot

    Hey Miami, Ya know, I remember when you had 1 jump! Are those cadets? Buck
  9. Beerlight

    Mary Ellen Weber

    Jeff, Mary Weber is no longer on the active astronaut roster. She's now the Associate VP, Southwest Medical Center in Dallas, TX.....She flew on STS-70 and her last flight STS-101......not sure if she is still actively jumping. Mike Bloomfield is still an active astronaut. He flew on STS-97 and 110..... If I see him, you want me to say hi........ Buck