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  1. Check again. FRP stands for fiberglass reinforced panel. On a more useful note Selkirk sells full interiors made of fiberglass for narrow body 182 and has the forward portion finished for wide bodies.
  2. You have made your point and now sound like a broken record. I fail to see why you believe a DUI is so bad when there are so many other equally dangerous decisions we make everyday. Talking on the phone or smoking while driving both are decisions that put you and others at a higher risk. Owning guns, skydiving over populated area all pose unnecessary risk and are decisions we make regardless if those we may injury agree or not. By the USPA standards and yours, you should not be jumping. As you have stated numerous times you have a track record of poor decisions that, although you have not been caught for, show a pattern. By skydiving, tandem or not, you pose an additional risk to persons and property and as an aviator should be held to the utmost standard. At least tandem passengers are fully informed as to the dangers of skydiving and their instructors potential gross negligence. I believe part of the point Charlie is trying to make is that a single offense should not cost someone their job. Drinking and driving is a very poor choice however there is a big difference in blowing .08 and .15. If its true that they can ignore a single offense below .15 then I believe the current rule is fine. The industry needs a means of medically disqualifying TI's and the DZO is not the one to be doing it.
  3. If your goal is to make people safer then we can just strap them to their couch covered in bubble wrap. The mission is to provide tandem skydives to willing participates with as much risk mitigation as possible. To that end I do believe a medical evaluation is a good idea however I do not believe a single DUI offense should cost a TI his job. My single biggest reason I'm in favor of the exam is the applicant is required to disclose to the examiner any previous injuries and medications. Personally I do not want to be the one held responsible to determine if a recent head injury might affect the instructors health. I also have no idea how and SRI might affect a TI's judgement. I prefer to leave that to a medical professional. Another example would be after a TI has a major accident. They are required to go an get a new medical before they can return to jumping.
  4. RM1

    Skydive Deep Creek

    Skydive Deep Creek is an amazing place that I highly recommend. While being a relatively new dropzone, the professionalism is outstanding and the staff and atmosphere are and friendly and inviting.
  5. RM1

    Skydive Deep Creek

    Skydive Deep Creek will be opening May 1st 2013. Everyone is welcome and we will be offering Tandem and Static Line and AFF training.
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pMWxuKcD6vE Someone else can make it clicky but 40s in should answer your question.
  7. Having a few years of rigging on both i see little advantage. You would need to add an attachment on the d-bag for the drogue and two grommets to the sides of it for the kill line. It would be easiest to adapt a new style vector bag with the 2700 pound webbing running though it and just leave the inside portion free. You would also need to upgrade the flimsy 1000 pound square weave attachment on the sigma canopy to something that will handle the momentum of the collapsing drogue. There is some advantage to this over the old style vector d-bag as it places the load on the bag to pull the canopy out instead of the bridal attachment. You would also get rid of the wearing scrunch on all upt rigs. All being said why replace a simple, functional, softer opening system for a far more complex system. Referring to Strong's very over designed envelope.
  8. Heck with it, ill bite. Since i know who Bandito is as he was kick out of the dropzone for stealing many years ago, then failed at his attempt to run a dropzone. We did have a strong drogue at our dz at one point. It was connected to a set 400 which was connected to a Strong rig that was jumped by a current and rated Strong instructor. Crazy right? We also run Auto fuel, ethanol free, this was proven recently when Bandito filed a complaint with the FAA regarding empty allegations about our planes. The FAA investigated our operation thoroughly just as they have every other time this person lodged a complaint. We have, like always, been cleared and i have the letter from them stating such. Bandito is also the same guy who went on every news forum that he could stating the TI in question was on drugs and alcohol as per the standard at our dz. I must have missed something when Army Officers were allowed a quick hit before work. I hope this clears some of this up. I have nothing to prove nor anything to cover up. I also have a name that im not embarrassed to post. Its truly sad that this is how Colorado works. Neil Porter
  9. Yes she is a bitch. I have had first hand dealings with her when i operated out of Boulder. Primarily she is a loon with no grip on reality however that also describes many of the Boulder residents. I also was forced to look into a restraining order against her because she would harass my bus drivers while they were in the landing area. I lost one of my landing areas thanks to her threatening to sue everyone for the "painful noise" she had to endure. Fortunately the owners of the property she got me kicked out of found us another one right across the street from the one i had and even closer to her house than the previous with the added bonus being the new owner hates everyone (besides us). She has threatened to sue me more times then i can count however she is all talk. I did everything i could to make her happy including running the plane at as low of a power setting as possible starting 3 miles away from her house while also monitoring the noise from the ground with a decibel meter only to realize the plane was actually quieter than the birds on the ground. Any way i digress. Think i might have to attend this meeting just to irritate her some.
  10. RM1


    Last post summed it up pretty well. No training required just more money to keep doing what your instructor is already doing. I was thinking about starting a parachute association as well in order to charge people for ratings they already have.
  11. Im going to write this here since it seems to get rejected when i attempt to place it where it belongs (in he dz reviews section). Like many who have spent more than a couple months in the sport you quickly will find dropzone.com full of people telling you to use the search function or ask someone local your question rather than bothering the skygods here. To that i say fine, what bothers me is when truthful, factual information gets censored from the site. I attempted to leave a less than favorable review for Skydive The Rockies a few weeks ago that got rejected for " Unsuitable content. DropZone.com has a strict policy against negative reviews involving money, employees (past employees) or allegations of theft. As such we have no option but to decline your review. " Here is an exact copy of the review i left "I am writing this so that hopefully others will not fall into the same trap i did. I used to work for this company up until may 09. While i worked there i was constantly threatened to have to pay for any damage to gear that occurred while i jumped it, required to come in at 7:30 am on days when weather was so far below minimums that no one would be able to jump none the less tandems and sit there till noon with NO PAY even though i lived less than 10 min from the dz and willing to be on call. I was also pressured to jump in winds exceeding 30 Knots and turbulent beyond belief. Send a load up and it doesn't get high enough guess who is expected to pay for it, thats right the instructors. The biggest problem occurred after i left and the owner STOLE my last pay check. His reasoning was that i owed him "locker rent" for the past 11 months at $10 a month. After talking to other staff who left i discovered he did the same thing to them as well. The so-called onsite accommodations consist of a RV around 12' in length with no connections, limited heat, NO A/C and it gets to be 105 degrees here, and is falling apart so badly that when it rains or snows you will be wet inside. If you want a wham bam thank you mam tandem then come here as you will be very happy, if you are looking for a place to work i would suggest looking elsewhere. If you would like more information on this or others to contact for their opinion feel free to p.m. and i will help you out. I am still trying to get the money owed to me from this place. Good luck and Blue Sky's." I left this review because i saw the DZO was attempting to lure others into the same trap i got in. I wanted there to be some sort of record for people to look at and know what they were getting into. The interesting thing is some people on here will remember someone posting under than name "Husker" aka Skydive the Rockies DZO who left a completely false review about a neighboring dz but somehow his made it on. I do have a question. Where can i find this strict policy on Dropzone.com? I want to leave a proper review that follows the rules but also informs people what they will be getting into. Thank You Neil
  12. Agreed. I jump an hc5 and the HD stills i pull from it are crap. The problem however is not in the camera but the lens. I can pull acceptable stills from the camera with no lens just not with it. Im using the royal .2 by the way.
  13. OK so what happened to skyride? For those who probably have not noticed they dont seem to exist anymore. We had 2 guys with skyride certs today show up and we could not reach skyride on ANY phone number. They all are apparently not in service. Maybe they are done? Maybe they didnt pay their phone bill? I dont know but im smiling!
  14. Sorry dokeman but you are definitely wrong about the 3 being almost the same. My personal experience is that the .2 royal is definitely wider than the blackeye with less vignetting even on a wide format hc5. I found the blackeye to have cleaner edges however the royal has a cleaner center. One problem with the royal is that the lens sticks out in the center so i would figure it will be more prone to scratches however i have none on mine. I used a .3 cookie for sometime and had good success with it on a trv22 but i knew a guy who used the same lens in a smaller ring diameter (correct size for the camera) and it was not nearly wide enough.
  15. You can get type 8 risers in both large and small ring so either harness hardware will work.