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  1. lookin for a local (IN the U.S.) source for the Black-eye" lens and filter/guard- anyone know of a "stocking dealer"?????????????? i like the product .................but the shipping cost is ridiculous............................... somebody help me out????????????????? please respond via posting, or to [email protected] crazy, NOT stupid............
  2. i put out a "feeler" every couple years, but haven't made "contact" yet. i took the Strong-Course w/Bill in mid-May of '99, at the Pitt-Meadows DZ in British Columbia ( i STILL have the "card".) i've been a few places, and seen a few things, since then. he DOESN'T owe me money, and i DON'T wanna serve him "papers"...............but i'd like to let him know what i've done with what he taught me. if anyone can pass this on to him- i'd GREATLY appreciate it! thanks! crazy, NOT stupid............
  3. i'd like to contact the manucaturer of the Cam-Eye( cam-eye II, cam-eye sport, etc) surely someone out there has the name/ph #????,,, crazy, NOT stupid............
  4. ok- i've got 2 identical cameras- one w/the tuna-can(.3x), one w/the Black-Eye. in actual use, the tuna-can gives better "lighting", w/no evident loss of "field of view". of course the tuna-can IS twice the diameter. what i need to know is: how does to smaller .30 compare with the Black-Eye??? crazy, NOT stupid............
  5. looking for someone w/personal experience involving the WayCool Black-Eye, AND the Royal .3O. I'm looking to find out if the Black-Eye is really worth the extra dollars( both cost, and shipping) for handi-cam. I'm currently using both a Century Optics "tuna- can" .3X, and a Black-Eye. BOTH provide good "product", but I'm looking toward the time I've got to replace one, or the other. Any suggestions????????? crazy, NOT stupid............
  6. YEAH, why the hell not!!?? I run a "cessna" DZ. U/J's pay 22$/seat, IF they show up. 2 tandems w/handi-cam video/stills pay 270$/a pair- ( and I require THEM to make a reservation, if they "stand me up", they lose their $$) Is there ANY reason NOT to require the same "commitment" from the U/J crowd????? I'm sure the U/J's have an opinion about this, but I'm more interested in the thoughts of DZO's, and staff. crazy, NOT stupid............
  7. mikeee

    Cecil Jolley

    P/M sent......
  8. I'm curious- with all the "post" time being given to "the vibe", could someone provide a definition?? It seems that many DZ's (aka "businesses") with a reputation as being "vibe-less"- seem to flourish. We all know the ones. They're the ones where "so-and-so" killed the vibe", "they lost the vibe" , "the vibes gone", etc. Then there are the DZ'z that are ALL "vibe". They are usually started by people w/limited jump experience, and usually even less business experience. it seems that there is still a large group of people who manage to convince themselves that they have conceived an idea for running a successful DZ (aka "business") that no-one, in the history of commercial DZ operations, has ever thought of before. These operation are usually SHORT-lived. It seems that ( if I understand "vibe") it's something that should come in with the up-jumpers. If you could buy it on ebay, or at wal-mart, EVERYBODY would have it!! It must be one of those things where you know when you've got it, and you think that you know when someone else doesn't. Whatever it is( or, you think it is) recent experience seems to prove that "vibe" just isn't enough. crazy, NOT stupid............
  9. have known josh since my first or second jump(8-1/2 years) he was the archtypical "friend you could ALWAYS count on" last saw him at lost prairie in '01. he was smilin' then, and thats how i'll always remember him. shit!! josh, i wish i could have been there for ya. rasdfnad( the rigger and skydiver formerly known as ditch crazy, NOT stupid............
  10. i'm hoping to fly up for josh's memorial, i got an email saying there would be one on feb27. but i can't get any confirmation, or exact details. i'll be flying in from denver, and i need as much factual info as possible. thanks, mikeee please email to [email protected] crazy, NOT stupid............