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  1. Capt. Don Pinover of the Fremont County Sheriff's Office said this morning in a press release, that 40 year old Ronald Walter Rice was arrested when he attempted to sell stolen skydiving equipment to a skydiving company at the Fremont County Airport Monday. An employee of the skydiving company alerted sheriff's deputies after Rice called the company trying to sell skydiving equipment. The company had been aware of an earlier theft of skydiving equipment in El Paso County. Deputies arrested Rice when he met with the skydiving company employee and attempted to sell the equipment valued at more than $9,000. Rice gave deputies a false name at the time of his arrest and detention deputies discovered a controlled substance during booking. He was booked into the FC Detention Center on charges of felony theft, criminal impersonation, false reporting to authorities, and introducing contraband in the 1st degree and was held on a $2,000 bond. Rice bonded out yesterday
  2. Greg, If you can't remember anything then how do you know that I'm not right? Also, if the "facts and experts" that you speak of are the ones with the most to loose then how can you believe them? I'm pretty sure that if it comes down to you or them - you are going under the bus. Think about it..
  3. The good news is that it adds 50 gallons to the fuel capacity. The bad news is that it reduces its engine capacity to zero!
  4. Greg, is "shut up" the best you can do? Since you were the "man in charge" during the jump then why don't you just tell the story? Even the moderator has posted that he was pm'd and informed that the DZ told everyone there not to not talk about the incident (unfortunately for skydive colorado, skydivers can't keep seem to keep their mouths shut, huh?). If you can possibly save someone's life by letting them know what happened then why won't you?
  5. Obviously you have me confused with this guy...
  6. Walt, I absolutely agree with you regarding the acceptance of risk. Big boys and girls should be able to make their own choices. However, Tandem is unlike any other student (or experienced) jump because the student is completely at the mercy of the instructor. Imagine if the airlines made you sign a waiver to exempt them from liability... Unfortunately, Every DZO and TM should know that the lawyers will come after them if something goes wrong. Even more so if there is any perception of negligence or cover up.
  7. Not at all! I think that this is very good info for all DZOs and TI's. OTOH, Obelix tim seems to want to make it more about me.
  8. ditto... You just seem very interested in specific topics/posts.
  9. you doth protest too much, methinks... Are you really a NZ DZO?
  10. Question: In the absence of a written independent contractor agreement is the instructor actually an employee?
  11. Scary stuff!
  12. Dan, The auto fuel side line came early in the thread which started as a question about using one companies drogue on another companies container. Go back and you will see. Even though it does beg the question that if a DZ will try to save money that way - then what is their limit? at any rate, this thread has turned into an extension of the tandem fatality post in the incidents forum.