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  1. Thanks tdog you rock, in fact everyone here kicks ass, skydiving is such a wonderful sport when everything goes ok, when shit hits the fan it turns ugly, it's a big sport with so many people but at the same time a tight community, people can rely on eachother, I hope someday when I have more knowledge and experience to be able to help others and give advice like you guys.
  2. I have been searching the FAA website for 2 hours, I found the Parachute Riggers Handbook, examples of exams, certification sheets, and a lot more, but I haven't been able to find the Parachute Rigging Manual, could you help find it please? I don't think it's in the FAA site.
  3. 2 things: -Are these nylon protectors compatible with Slink riser covers? Can you have both installed, therefore increasing protection between the links and grommets? It would be only for people who are not interested in putting the slider behind their heads. -Where can I find information about different types of nylon used in parachutes? I keep hearing about Type III loops, Type 17 risers, Type 8 risers, Type 4 nylon,...etc and I have no idea what they mean, Are all those types explained in any book? The Parachute Manual by Dan Poynter maybe?
  4. How much can a rigger make in a busy summer month? (DZ pay + gear repairs, modifications, repacks, etc..., to individual jumpers), if they are good and get themselves in a busy DZ or a parachute factory, they can be the best paid along with sponsored jumpers, pilots and aircraft mechanics (let's not forget the DZO who gets all the money from us adrenaline junkies haha) I think being a rigger is a very very tough job, you also have to spend a lot of time and money in courses, equipment, sewing machines, materials, the loft rent,... but you get respect from everyone because you are usually the one with the most knowledge, skill and the most safety conscientious in the whole freaking DZ HOORAY riggers! We love you guys! (no homo)
  5. Well? Also what is the lubricant main component? silicone? Is it ok to use the CYPRES loop lubricant in other specific parts of the rig? (i.e cleaning the cutaway cables, lubricating the inside of the hard housings, lubricating the grommets of the closing flaps)
  6. I saw some pics of guys swooping and stuff and they were landing without their pilot chutes and bridles floating behind them, How the hell does that work? How do you do it guys? I was surprised when I saw it and thought hey these 5 guys can't all be under their reserves and swooping at the same time! Someone explain that one to me please.
  7. My bad, I think my head is in another place today, I meant an M Series rig, Spectre 150 and PD Reserve 160, I'm jumping a 170 rented right now, I want to buy new because of the Dollar/Euro conversion thing, very cheap to buy now in the US so I may aswell buy new. Also I don't like at all jumping rented gear, just going to the manifest paying for the load and putting a new rig on everytime stresses me out too much, the DZ doesn't let jumpers pack their rented gear so I don't like that either, jumping a rig you don't even know who packed it, jeeez
  8. Well? Is there any kind of pattern or table like there is with wingloading for example? i.e you downsize say 10 feet every jump so your wingloading goes up exponentially. I want to get a Spectre 150 but I have no idea about the PC sizes, how do you know when it's too small or too large?
  9. I'm on the UPT website right now checking out the options there are some things I don't know what they are: -center flap A-G (2-7) -type III loops -VGH harness -1 piece and 2 piece leg straps this is an obvious one but could someone post pic of each one to see the differences please? -type 17 and type 8 risers I always hear the riggers talk about nylon type "this" type "that", where can I find info about all the different types of loops, nylon, and risers there are?
  10. Hey guys this is my first time buying a rig so I don't know how it goes, I'm from Europe, I want to buy a Micron: Can I order it directly from UPT? I travel to the US a lot because I have family in Florida, I would like UPT to contact me when my rig is finished because I want to pick it up right there in DeLand, Is it ok? How does the payment work? half now and half when I pick it up, or do I pay full right after I order it? I even did a full drawn design of how I want my rig configured, can I email it to UPT along with the standard order forms to make sure there are no misunderstandings? (i.e I want an articulated harness and they make it non-articulated) In case something like that happens how is it solved? does UPT correct it for free? Now talking about canopies, UPT and PD work shoulder against shoulder right? or do I have to order my container from UPT and separately also contact with PD to tell them the canopy I want? Please forgive me if these sound like dumb ass questions but like I said, it's my first time (BEER Yoohoo!) Someone enlighten me please