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  1. flipper

    In-Flight HUD to Assist Wingsuit Pilots

    Total junk
  2. flipper

    Crossfire 2 In Turbulence?

    Your being paranoid
  3. flipper

    Why Velocity is so popular?

    Price..availability..brand loyalty..opinion.. They all have a part to play ... PS - I have both
  4. flipper

    Whats up with Tention Knots

    Keep your shit straight .. keep the twists out of your brakes ..
  5. flipper


    Done several jumps ( Tandems / Freefly / Swoop ) with the VISO, unaffected by very low tempretures or fast rotations Seems to be very accurate when compared with Pro-track and analogue Alti. Only gripe is the supplied strap is pretty cheap and nasty. (Sorted this by making my own) If you are after a digital Alti then in my opinion this is the one.
  6. flipper

    Altimaster Neptune

    Have used this 'toy' on several hundred jumps and found it to be wildly inaccurate( dosnt always work in low temps ). The battery indicator reads differently every time its used (sometimes full / sometimes empty). Buttons have to be pressed with a lot of force to operate any functions and not forgetting the stripping screws Save yourself the hassle and buy the VISO from L & B at least thats bound to be properly developed
  7. flipper


    Velo Spun Up So Used The Reserve - Smart 99 @ 1.8.1 Opened and flew real nice, landing was as smooth as I could want
  8. flipper

    Slow openings?

    Dont quarter the slider during the pack job .... openings are a touch quicker and tend to rock about a bit
  9. flipper

    TM what to do if passenger gets blackout

    Had this myself, student was a lot bigger than me .... not really that much you can do about it other than make the landing as soft as possible
  10. flipper


    My Exp - 1700 Jumps (Stilleto / Vengeance / Velocity) My Weight - 175 Ilbs I jumped the 90 / 94 and 99 Opening - Was the most perfect openings that I have had from any of the higher performance canopies...pain free...on heading...end of story Flight - very stable...precise...ultra responsive...turns faster than anything I have jumped before...toggle pressure was fairly light...big harness turns very easy...the canopys did not appear to be ground hungry in normal...toggle up flight Landing....my approaches were straight in...toogles up to get an idea of what power was availible in the flare...the canopy planned out ok...with a big long surf...with enough power at the end to lift at the end I would highly recomend anyone who has exp on the faster canopies to demo one....I was surprised / shocked that these canopies are not crossbraced / vented from the way that they handled...I take my hat off to aerodyne for making this
  11. flipper


    My exp : 850 jumps on stiletto 120 before i bought the veng 120 i did around 30 jumps on the 107. i found the 107 to open better than the stiletto 120 slightly faster but more positive, in flight the canopy handles very stiletto like...thats the best way to describe it. At landing time I found there to lots of lift with a change in swoop direction to be very easy to do. I bought the 120 because i found the 107 to be faster than i needed. i find the 120 to be as per the 107 only just a little bit slower now there is some discussion as to whether the airlocks will cut out the turbulence hassle...I cant really comment on whether they do or not but i can say that the chute feels more solid than the stiletto 120 with no concertina effect I have found the chute requires rear riser control as soon as its opened to keep it on heading front riser input is easier than a stiletto...less pressure and it stays in the dive alot longer as well ...so if your gonna hook it...do it higher (a lot) hope this info is of help flipper
  12. flipper

    Talon 2

    my first rig was the old style talon....it worked well and fitted pretty good as well. when it came to time to get a new rig i went for the T2 with hip rings...when i first gott the rig the rings squeaked a bit ...i have now done about 500 jumps on the rig...i have a tempo 150 reserve in it and a stiletto 120 main....it fits very well and is very comfertable...on the one occasion that i have had to use the resrve it was right there within a couple of hundred feet....no worries..i do mainly freefly and have never had any of the covers open in freefall...i cant say this for the other rigs i have tried ...(jav..vector...etc etc etc )...to sum it up...i reckon that i wont ever own any other type of rig ... flipper
  13. flipper


    i jump a st120....at 170 pounds...to me its the best chute on the market.....itll give a nice surf from a straight in landing.....or go forever using risers...openings are what you want....slow ...controllable....there is the odd spinner....only 1 in the last 800 jumps that i had to use plan b...! getting back to the dz from a long spot is easy ....just use a little back riser ...ive used it on demos as well....no worries... youve tried the rest ...now try the best