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  1. Does this include the TIs? If yes, I'd be out To be serious: This limit sounds ...uhm... not really sensible to me. If they aren't fit, OK. But a fixed age limit, no. We have 3 TI's over 50, the limits work for us ... no problem
  2. must get next to no business if you are in the states. I know a lot of people over 50 who are in better shape than some 18 year olds who have shown up to jump. Based in europe and business is good to be honest And I agree alot of the under 50's are in worse shape than the over 50's
  3. Yep. ... No one over 190 lbs... No exceptions ... they have to demonstrate there ability to lift legs .. If not .. There out ... If they dont look right there out ... No stand up landings ... All are slid in on there butt ... No exceptions ... And No one over 50
  4. +1 Been deploying straight from a track for years with all sorts of canopies - skydive and base with no issue
  5. Forget swoop pants ... just oil yourself up ... less drag and more Ooooo from the crowd
  6. flipper

    Pulse @ 1.3

    Using a Pulse 150 @ 1.4, opens, flies and lands perfectly well - no problemo
  7. Yes - Service issues are in there as well as other items .. that to be fair I am not close enough to pass comment on The most common issue I see at the moment is the unit not switching off ie jumper does final jump of the weekend .. packs and hangs rig in locker ... returns the next week and its still switched on
  8. The Dz I work at is pretty much what i would class as a Vigil Dz, no probs with that - for me I just want the most reliable hassle free AAD From around the time Vigil became the AAD of choice ( at my Dz )I have seen many conditions or incidents that would definatly steer me away from buying one - at this time Ie - Wont switch on, wont switch off, many cutter changes / problems, control unit problems, in air activation ( + 1,000ft above activation height ) I dont jump at a Dz that has hundreds and hundreds of jumpers - there is prob around 60 regular jumpers For me the choice right now is not Vigil, not until they have finalised the product
  9. +1 JVX opening are to inconsistant for a daily work canopy, it also dosnt like to stay in the dive - was like being back on a Stiletto ( not that there is anything wrong with a Stiletto ) Power on the rears is incredible but thats it Was happy when I sold mines
  10. Also enjoyed that fault as well as many other with my neptune 2 ... the cure for me was very simple .... I elected to throw it in the bin and buy a similer device manufactured by another company .. so far all good
  11. Could be seen that way - when I have my Velo head on - I re fresh and get current - I dont just throw it on and go big