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  1. Life Support International may still have some 3-6 year old C-9 canopies made by Mills with a diaper and type 2 lines.Never been packed.
  2. Steve Dodson passed on to Blue Skies Sept 14 2016. Always a class act. BSBD
  3. We took a P124 and changed the lines and jumped it as a main a few years back,using a Raven main lineset and it performed just like the Raven. The only difference as I remember was the trim and the steering. I'm with Lee about the C-9 canopy. LSI( who I work for) manufactures and sells a complete BA-22 system and after packing some for a customer they are the proverbial brick shit house in construction and the designer definitely was ahead of his time. Guess thats why they were used in ejection seats for so long. The Navys Thin pack canopy is close as a new design but it may be a moot point once the pilot is removed from the plane.
  4. There is a product called Plastic Steel that I have used on gas tanks to seal holes without removing the tank with a few thin layers allowing it to dry between it sets up and works well. About $8 a tube.
  5. Sorry to hear about the death of Ken always had a good time with the Grafton guys. BSBD Dave
  6. Mine has an air solenoid to actuate the forward and reverse and another for the presser foot lift. This was done in house by the mechanics from Mills Mfg. There the girls could run a 4 point pattern as fast as a directron. Four machines working sounds like a machine gun nest.
  7. Dave Davenport was the owner and designer of FTS building the Rascals,Lasers and Bogeys in 5, 7,8 and 9 cells. Mains and reserves in Alpherreta Ga. He became a ward of the state and Bob Chafin moved it to Texas. The 8 cell was a 254 sq ft that was a great flying canopy for the time.
  8. Made a few sets of soft links out of a bit beefier line than the PD ones put them on my Vectran lined tandem canopies with a protector over them and have a few hundred jumps with no problems. Twice as strong as a french link as I broke a few in the tensile tester.
  9. Thanks for the offer but will make a cypres loop for the AAD. A complete rig would be cool if theres any sitting in a closet someone would unload at a very reasonable price
  10. Can't believe no one out here has anything.
  11. Putting a MC-4 Rig together for a disabled veteran and am looking for a MC-4 Reserve freebag and pilotchute anybody got one kicking around looking for a good home?
  12. Try EG suits he makes some good ones and very reasonable although no one likes small orders
  13. Did a static line on a self made B-4 at 18. Made a tandem at 61 (on the back) with a few more in between. Blue Skies & Cool Rides
  14. When you hear some whuffo talk about his jump from a B-52 and you smile and walk away.
  15. RIP Bill Truly a class Act