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  1. A guy at my DZ has 'OMG' on one and 'WTF' on the other
  2. Yes, Skydive Alabama is my home DZ and they are great!! And yes, The Farm was the other place that I was looking at (appears that they are open all week long). The weather is supposed to be nice Sunday so I have my fingers crossed that it stays that way and I can complete my AFF and hopefully do my first solo as well :)
  3. Birmingham, AL. I guess I kinda feel like I'm betraying my DZ by going somewhere else (as silly as I'm sure that sounds)
  4. The weather has been sucking on the weekends and I'm 2 weeks out since AFF 6.. With one more level to go, I am anxious to get it done and start working towards my A license.. I've been going to the same DZ since I started in March and have never even been to another DZ. The DZ I've been going to is only open Friday - Sunday and those seem to be the only days that the weather is sucking. There is another DZ that is about 30 minutes further from where I live and they are open through the week so my question is: Should I just sit down and shut up and wait for a pretty weekend and complete AFF where I am most familiar with the place/people? I guess I have 2 problems: Worried that I will have to retake level 6 if/when 30 days passed from my last jump and the fact that I'm completely addicted to skydiving and just can't wait to go again?!
  5. Lol. As new as I am, I can relate with that with being a single mother, homeowner and being full time employed.. The time and the cost are both in the way! ;) Why can't I win the lottery? Oh, there is no lottery in AL :/
  6. Crushed vertebrae?! Is this why you're not as active in the sport anymore?
  7. I will be turning 33 in about 2 weeks. I did a tandem jump for the first time 2/15 and fell in love with the feeling of freefall so I signed up for AFF and did my first student jump 3/16.. I've completed through level 4 and plan on completing 5 and 6 this weekend