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  1. In the Netherlands you only need a medical if you are a student (less than B licence) or if you are a Tandem Instructor. It is nowhere near as complicated as what you describe; certainly no cardiac stress testing. So no, I don't think it is because of European regulations. The list of items that a doctor is supposed to check (and sign off) is stated in our national regulations; it is NOT a standard sports physical check. It is also not the same as a pilots medical. So perhaps the same goes for Italy? Are you sure that the medical you requested is the one you need for skydiving, and not one that is far too extensive?
  2. evh

    On opening, grab toggles or rear risers?

    I try not to touch anything until I am sure my slider is down. Until then: stay stable and symmetrical in the harness, that way the canopy is most likely to open well. Grabbing risers during opening can cause all sorts of chaos; accidentilly releasing brakes, getting your hand caught in a developing twist, causing twists by unintended riser or harness input, etc. I am pretty sure one of my students accidentally disconnected her RSL while grabbing for something to hold on to, during a static line jump. After that: grab rear risers so I can immediately steer away to avoid collisions. Next: stow slider, release brakes etc. (Btw this list obviously changes when something is wrong, like a twist or a malfunction. In that case I DO touch stuff before my slider is down :-) )
  3. I made almost 1000 jumps on my Pilot 168, almost all of those openings were super nice and soft and comfortable. Except for one. That one hurt. A lot. Probably something I did wrong, or just plain bad luck, but even a Pilot can open very hard.
  4. evh

    Aircraft to ground video streaming?

    Maybe have a look at the systems that are used in drones. These systems can have a range of several kilometers, maybe this would work for skydiving too. maybe this? https://www.banggood.com/nl/Eachine-TS832-RC832-5_8G-32CH-600mW-FPV-Transmitter-Receiver-7_4-16V-p-1079941.html?gmcCountry=NL&currency=EUR&createTmp=1&utm_source=googleshopping&utm_medium=cpc_bgs&utm_content=frank&utm_campaign=pla-ods-nl&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIi9G_kdbH4AIVFed3Ch3EXQeSEAQYASABEgKCMvD_BwE&cur_warehouse=CN
  5. evh

    Color the line attachment points on the canopy

    Simple answer: don't mess with your gear, we have professionals for that. Sometimes the simple things can have totally unexpected consequences.
  6. evh

    How to sight in a ringsight

    I choose a point on the horizon, far away. I zoom the camera as much in as it can. With the helmet on my head, I ask a friend to point the camera (and my head) to that that point. To judge this, a live view from the camera is needed, or a few seconds delay on the gopro app is also OK. With the app you could probably even do it on your own. Then I adjust my sight for the same point on the horizon. My sights are aligned for infinite distance; but since I know the distance between my lense and my eye (10 cm or 4"), I compensate by pointing the sight 10 cm below the point I want centered. So if I want someones eyes of in the center of the picture, I aim for their chin. This works for every distance. And what also helps: with a new setup I often spend a few minutes shooting pictures around the house, trying to frame the pictures and later check how far off I was. You learn a lot that way. Just wait till you are home alone for it, 'cause you look rediculus doing this ;-)
  7. I'd love to learn to fly like this, in fact I tried a few weeks ago but failed miserably . I can sitfly pretty well, but apparently not in my camera suit with big wings and booties. So what should I look for in a suit? Any other tips?
  8. I agree, after a freefall jump without earplugs I am (temporarily) almost deaf anyway. I don't think I would hear anyone shouting under canopy, at least for the first critical seconds.
  9. Well said. Imho, both methods work, both have their pro's and con's. Both have been tested a lot, and I am pretty sure that statistics will not prove one or the other better or worse ( if I am wrong, I would be very interested in facts and figures). Best advise is to pick your poison, understand the consequences and stick with it.
  10. Yes. A static line student of mine managed to disconnect her RSL while kicking out linetwists. Big surprise when she cut away and made her first free fall Luckily it all ended well.
  11. evh

    I can't flare right!

    Don't wait till june to fix it. Screwing up landings causes stress for the next landing, and this can easily lead to a downward spiral of worsening landings. I've seen it happen to others, I've had it happen to me too. I've seen people quit the sport because of it. What helped is talking to some good (local) canopy pilots, asking them to watch my landings and discussing the problems I had. I learned a new (to me) trick that fixed it in no-time.
  12. evh

    Camcorder Vs Action Cam

    perhaps you already found this, but Trunk has a lot of great info on his site: https://gethypoxic.com/blogs/technical/whats-what-in-camera-flying-for-2017
  13. I am pretty sure that this is wrong. If you want to define wingloading as "weight devided by surface area", the resulting unit has to be something like N/m^2 (or the equivalent imperial units like lbf/ft^2 ??) You cannot redefine the formula without redefining the units. You broke wikipedia ;-)
  14. evh

    Sony X3000 side mount?

    Using a second camera for backup during competition, in case 1 fails. Homebuilt mount, it's not that hard. Just a flat plate and some screws. The angle: When standing upright, looking at the horizon in a natural position, the camera also looks straight ahead. So no, not a problem at all. I am very happy with this setup, except when dropping staticline students from the 182.
  15. evh

    Sony X3000 side mount?

    Actually this is not so bad, I have a pair of X3000's mounted on my G3. Since the lens is higher on the camera than a GoPro, you can mount it very far to the back without getting the helmet or the visor in the camera's view. I can get my visor almost al the way open.