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  1. evh

    New SL/IAD "freefall" jump requirement

    Thanks! Can I find the FAI rules somewhere?
  2. evh

    New SL/IAD "freefall" jump requirement

    This is confusing. It is completely opposite of the definition I am used to . The FAI license requirements even specifically state "freefall": ‘A’ Certificate: ‘Parachutist’ 1. 25 freefall jumps. Why would they do this if staticline jumps also count? Why not simply state "25 jumps"? Surely not because of premature openings? Over here (the Netherlands) I think we try to match the FAI regulations but we don't count SL jumps for the A-licence (also 25 freefall jumps) or the B/C/D license or tandem requirements. Does anybody now what the FAI has to say about this? What do other countries say?
  3. evh

    Full-face helmets

    It depends. Is it certified? Everybody knows that uncertified wood has negligible insulation properties, right?
  4. evh

    Full-face helmets

    Ok, since you insist. you have been making claims that you can’t back up with any facts, all you have is assumptions and gut feeling. As one mechanical engineer (who makes a living using his head) to another: you should know better than that. It’s just dumb, so dumb.
  5. evh

    Full-face helmets

    never mind, who cares
  6. evh

    Full-face helmets

    All kidding aside, I actually think its a good development that manufacturers are testing the performance of their products. Its just that I cant stand the claim of "improvement" without even testing the old situation, this is nothing but empty marketing hype.
  7. evh

    Full-face helmets

    Thanks, that is interesting to read. "Scope This European Standard specifies requirements and test methods for protective helmets used in paragliding, hang gliding and flying with ultra-light aeroplanes." So... this "certification" is not even valid for skydiving? I'm quite sure that a helmet which is certified for flying ultralight planes will only give a negligable advantage in skydiving. I can tell that you don't care about about protecting your brain. You care about bumps and scrapes which a non-impact rated helmet is handle well. When it comes to preventing damage to the brain caused by blunt impact like a baseball bat, the ground, or another skydiver, a non-impact rated helmet is not going to substantially limit the amount of force transferred to the brain. 
  8. evh

    Full-face helmets

    Yes, you keep repeating that. Simple fact is YOU DON'T KNOW THAT, you are just assuming it.
  9. evh

    Full-face helmets

    BTW I had some intimate contact with the wall of several windtunnels, wearing a G3 and I am 100% certain it would have hurt a lot more without a helmet. So in my opinion, your claim that a G3 or any helmet without certification gives no (or negligable) protection is nothing but bs. Certification is nice, it tells me that a certain level of safety is guaranteed. But it does not mean that the reverse is also true, that a non-certified helmet has to be inferior. It just might be.
  10. evh

    Full-face helmets

    Based on what? Tests? Calculations? You are just guessing and speculating.
  11. evh

    wingsuit jumping order

    First of all: Empuria is a nice, super professional dropzone. I've visited a few times, mostly for freefly jumps. I also did a couple of wingsuit jumps there, from their Porter, and I was the last one out with a jumprun towards the sea. So maybe it depends on jumprun direction? Or perhaps they changed it since my last visit (it's been a couple of years...)?
  12. evh

    Static Line Only Jumps

    What?? IMO, static line jumping is absolutely "really skydiving". Don't let anybody force you into doing something you are not comfortable with. I know a few people who did exactly what you want to do. One was ex military and made a couple of hundred jumps if I remember well. The other did formation CReW (canopy formation) jumps, but eventually got tired of being dependent on jumpmasters and progressed to freefall. She also had a few hundred staticline jumps at the time.
  13. Could be, I don't know. The point is that even tiny differences can have a noticable effect if you pay enough attention. Probably more so on smaller canopies and higher wingloads.
  14. The same thing happens every time my canopies get relined. Each time it has felt like a different canopy to me. Changes in riser pressure, recovery arc, the way it dives. And that's on a relatively big, slow Crossfire compared to the OP's velo's.
  15. Have a look here: https://gethypoxic.com/blogs/technical/sony-a6000-skydiving-guide