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  1. yes indeed. I have to ask him directly. He knows, that I do Skydive but he hasn't said anything the last time, when I visited him, if I can jump. But weeks ago it wasn't a theme, because in germany we had the Corona-Shut-Down and nobody where allowed to jump and it seemed that this would be for a very long time. But in the moment we get loosenings and maybe in a few weeks we all can jump... First DZ has opended and were allowed to jump (but without students)... I hope so that I can jump, because only 5 Jumps (+ repetition, because of the break) and I have my licence...when I don't jump this year anymore my licence is lost :-( because of timing. But yes, I have to ask :-(.
  2. Yes I'm very new and I have my last few jumps to the licence. Only 6 weeks ago I was told, that I had a disc prolapse. My pain didn't go away since my landing last year and my chiropractor couldn't help me, so I visited my ortopedist. He gave me the diagnostic and that there is a further very small intervertebral disc bulge in the near. The last weeks I did more sport almost every day to strengthen my lower back, was on the water for SUPing to train my deep muscles, stretching... Yes, it is very early to think about an own canopy and it wasn't my plan to do so early. But with this diagnosis I had to change my opinion to jump as long as possible with rental stuff. In the moment I'll have to - but I also have to find the right for my back. And that's why I have to ask now. The own canopy will come at the earliest in winter I think - if I'll find one. It's good to hear, that other had the same problems. I also jump on a N240. The canopies for rental are PD Silhouettes. This sound great! Thank you for the hint! I will keep that in mind!
  3. This is a great video and ...yes I remember, that someone on the dropezone told me "it's ok, you are a woman"...and I asked "really - is it so?" and he said "look" this time we had a woman with a broken leg on the DZ. And for a second I thought to myself: hopefully it isn't a self-fulfilling prophecy... and I think - from my today's View, it became one. But I know, that I will start with a big canopy, to feel save and get self confident with it, because I like to fly the canopy. When I first was on my canopy and did my first moves - it was great and I said, wow flying make so much fun and is so relxing...And I want to fly it! ...but meanwhile the landing scares me. And I think one thing reinforced this: we had an accident on the DZ, where a guy downsized too fast and on the landing he hit the ground and if he wouldn't have rolled his body to a ball, he would have died. This was very hard to watch! To fly save I think to start with 220/210 would be fine for me. I want to become better!
  4. Thank you for your advice. Yes - I learned it and I practiced it more than other beginners did. Because I have problems in landing, I had days on the dropzone I only made PLFs, when other jumped. Because, yes it is very important, espacially in the beginning. And in the end I even feel saver to do PLF than to stand. I was proud, that they works well and some were almost perfect. My landing on the botty was one of my first jumps, when I took the my legs high (how you do it as tandem). But now I'd like to have my own canopy, so that I don't have to use different canopies from the DZ (which is in the moment "free"), and which all jumps a little bit different. I want to concentrate on only one and as save as possible for new skydivers - to get better in landing.
  5. In another thread I read this: "One thing that was noticeable about the specter, is the way it pitches front to back. It was noticeable on landing as you descended in to the stiller air near the ground. When you passed through a wind shear between two layers. Think end of the day as the ground cools off and the ground winds die but the wind is still blowing a couple hundred feet up. Well there is a wind sheer as you drop from one layer to the next. Some of your airspeed goes away. Interestingly the larger the canopy is for you the more noticeable this is. 5 knts is a larger percentage of your air speed and when that head wind dies you are 5 knts slower. The canopy wants to correct that. It wants to speed up. It feels like it takes off surging forward and down toward the ground. Flaring dosen't seem to help because the canopy is pitching forwards and can not make lift to support you till it pitches back above your head. The larger the canopy and the longer the lines the more dramatic this can be. You see it with student canopies. They induce it all the time. If you make a small turn with a break, the canopy pitches back and then when you let up on the toggle the canopy surges forward. Not a lot but enough to ruin your flare. Worse is the student that flares high and then decides to let up because miss judged it. When he tries to flare again the canopy is well in front of his body. These are more dramatic examples but the same thing happens when you come in to land. If the wind drops off you get a surge in the canopy. Some canopies do this more then others. Line length is one factor but I think the airfoil also plays a part in it. It really depends on the pitch stiffness of the canopy. I don't understand all of it. But it's noticeable in the specter. You might try a Triathlon. They are not as prone to this. Back when these canopies came out they were neck and neck and we had jumpers that went back and forth between the canopies. It was the same market. They loved the specter but had noticeable more trouble landing them under some conditions that they had no problem landing their Tri in. I would not categorize a specter as a bad canopy you just need to learn to land it. Under those conditions I like to carry a little extra speed, front risers, or a small turn but hook a bit high. The idea being to to have a bit more speed when you enter that still air. You could also barrow a saber 2 from some one and give it a try. They also have a forgiving flare. Or go up a size. But with the specter I think it may just be a mater of learning to reconise the wind conditions. " So I think the Tri is the savier one in landings?
  6. Hello, I'm new in this sport and I want to have a canopy for beginners ;-) - it shall be my first own canopy - so it has to be user-friendly. I'm looking for a canopy I can concentrate on. Last year I landed a little bit hard on my botty in my first jumps and got a disc prolapse (with a Navigator). That's why I'm looking for a canopy with soft und smooth openings and soft, calm landings. I'm not interested and I know that I never will be interested to get lot of speed or do swoop. I'd like to do Freefly in the air, maybe in combination with a little bit Freestyle. And I like cross-country flying. The canopy shall bring me safely to the ground - "trouble-free" and with good stability That's why I think the triathlon and the spectre (220 or 210) are the canopys for my interests (My wight: 74 Kg = 163 ilb). Like a lot of other beginner-women I have problems to see, when it is the right moment to flare (I learned 2-stage-flare: half and than full) - especially in no wind conditution. So I often flare to high or to low. I'm not interested in downsizing and get speed. I want a save canopy to fly for lots of years. I love the slow demonstration-landings... What do you think, which canopy is better for me? What are the advantages und disadvantages of both canopies?