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  1. Can you text me id like to purchase this container My offer is 675. Plus shipping and i can arrange payment today Michael piszel 267-275-6060 Ive bought stuff from you before. Canopies, hope youre well Cheers
  2. Having had plenty of jumps and situations requiring quick thinking and rapid response both in the tree climbing business and skydiving I can say for some people it is easier to act in the right manner. Being under pressure and choosing the correct action is part of your core survival skills. No thinking can prepare someone who doesn't think quickly in their daily life. Some people just shouldn't skydive, tree climb, ride motorcycles, or do actions that when things go wrong require instance correct action when they dont ordinarily act or think quickly. .
  3. As a doctor I know it's not a requirement for commiting suicide to have a mental lapse or mental condition. It is usually situational and like a crime can be executed by anyone at anytime. To think you are gonna prevent that from occurring is as naive as thinking banning guns will stop gun mass crimes. The USPA is an amazing organization and they're always concerned with how can they help and.prevent this sort of thing. It's just not possible so let's wake up here!
  4. the guy made a left turn to try and orient into wind at less than 100 feet n crashed