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  1. Shawndiver

    Boogie in Belize

    Hah! Not to mention that Splash won't be there this year to send them all diving for cover!
  2. Shawndiver

    San Fransicans

    I live in Marin, just north of San Francisco. The city is useful for holding down the other side of our bridge. (Golden Gate) _________________
  3. Shawndiver

    Calling all Scuba Divers

    Wow! Look at all those zeros next to the forum listings
  4. Shawndiver

    who is good with cars?

    I'd say jump it a couple of times "Streets of San Francisco" style and see if it unsticks the float.
  5. Shawndiver

    Skydiving Costume / Why my boss is cool

    With the expression on the face of the kid looking up at that mess above him I'd say he's searching for a cutaway handle! _________________
  6. Shawndiver

    Real or Not

    Your result for The Real Breasts/Fake Breasts Test by tonguesten ... You scored 17 of 20 boobs! _________________
  7. Shawndiver

    I ahve a virus on my pc htat I cant get rid of

    If you have located the files associated with the virus but cannot delete them because they are in use even in safe mode, then you can try booting off a disc OS (I use ERD Commander) locating them in the host file system and then delete them. Hard for them to be in use is you are using a completely differnent OS! Problem is, if you don't get all of it, (registry, etc.) it might come right back! Good luck. _________________
  8. Shawndiver

    Bad Sci-Fi Movies

    "Army Of Darkness" "Gimme some sugar, baby"
  9. Shawndiver

    Bad Sci-Fi Movies

    Buckaroo Banzai on 5th, 8th, hell, what does it matter? It's great movie.
  10. Shawndiver

    Bad Sci-Fi Movies

    Morons From Outer Space (1985) One of those so bad you can't stop watching it movies, and one of my all time favorites! Oh, and I find people either love or hate: The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension Love it! _________________
  11. Shawndiver

    Visually Impaired Software

    Thanks for your reply, I very much appreciate the information. It was not my intention to purchase anything, just start getting some information for her on where to start. I really do not have much information on this person, (I got involved in the conversation when they found out I worked on computers) and volunteered to do a little research for them. We are here in Marin County just north of San Francisco, and if you have any resource recommendations for this person I am sure it will be much appreciated! Thanks!! _________________
  12. Shawndiver

    Visually Impaired Software

    Looking for software to help a visually impaired friend of ours use a computer for web browsing etc. I know about the built in magnifiers in Windows, but we are looking for something perhaps specifically designed for someone like her. Not completely blind, but signifigantly reduced vision. I have seen some information on a couple of software packages like JAWS and MAgic, just looking for other options. Thanks! _________________
  13. Shawndiver

    My tribute to AC/DC.

    True. I just figured that due to the age of a good percentage of their fan base, a lot of that seating requires wheelchair access! _________________
  14. Shawndiver

    My tribute to AC/DC.

    They are coming to Oakland in December. Saw their No Bull concert on one of the HD channels and thought it might be pretty cool to go see them again... floor seats - $5350. Nosebleed - $159 Think I will go dust off my CD's. _________________
  15. Shawndiver

    New furry family member

    Try this again... _________________