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  1. JohnDeere

    Skydive Westex!

    when is it
  2. JohnDeere

    DZ in Est Texas

    Skydive Dallas is about 2 hours from Tyler. But worth it. Free bunk rooms and a great vibe. Also plenty of people to jump with. If you need more info message me.
  3. JohnDeere

    Sierra Thomas

    I am very sorry for Sierras friends and family! First off I question who you are and your motives! The accident you speak of happened 9-19-09 not 9-22-09. I dont think a mother would forget that. If im wrong im sorry but you look very fishy! Second we all take chances when we jump, everbody knows that and its obvious. Every first just student signs a waver that states the dangers of this sport and what can happen. Also parachutes being packed by other people is not out of the norm or is there anything wrong with it. I would say 90%+ of our reserves are packed by someone other than who is jumping the rig. Accidents happen, please troll elsewhere!
  4. JohnDeere

    Some nice flying CRW video

    Thats sweet!
  5. JohnDeere

    Psychology of Risk Scuba/Skydive

    I would think that most people perceive that scuba is not as dangerous as skydiving...."Whats the worst that could happen, I can swim back to the top" The ignorance of uninformed consumer
  6. JohnDeere

    Lost Prairie Boogie - July 24-Aug 1

    You beat Rich too it! Good job Doc
  7. Thats good to know Jeremy. I have heard the same from others!
  8. JohnDeere

    Truly Amazed by Skydive Temple

    Temple is a great DZ with good people!
  9. JohnDeere

    ~ Making this the year ~

    Hello! Season is just getting going so do a DZ search on here and visit a DZ to watch, and to get things going. Enjoy the ride!
  10. JohnDeere

    Greetings From a Newbie

    Welcome. Where do you live? You should do a search on here and find a dz close to you and just go watch for a sat or sunday. Good luck.
  11. JohnDeere

    To host a Record event?
  12. JohnDeere

    Shoulder issues...?; User randompoints has had both shoulders worked on. Not sure what procedure but after the first one he made a great recovery. He just had the 2nd one done this off season and says hes doing great. PM him and he can give you more info.
  13. JohnDeere

    Newby........ sort of

    Any good pilot knows theres so such thing! Sign up for an AFF course and get to jumpen! What city do you live in? I jump at SD Dallas and live just north of Fort Worth. Call and get a first jump course set up, you wont regret it.
  14. JohnDeere

    swoop pond construction

    Contact this company. Talk to them about a pond liner. Tell them what it will be used for and get a product #. PM me and let me know the # and what cost they quote you. They are one of my suppliers and I will get my cost on it. You can run it through my company but pay COD insterad of putting it on my account.