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  1. Everything is way too big. Degeneration already mentioned the time it takes to scroll down the list of forums (mobile or desktop). The forum topic list and the topic thread are also too large. I would love to see a more visually condensed version or have the option for such.
  2. I love my Ares II. The screen is significantly larger than the Viso or Ares I. The metal body and glass screen put up with extreme abuse. Otherwise it functions very similar to the Viso II. DJ Marvin AFF I/E, Coach/E, USPA/UPT Tandem I/E
  3. I had the same injury, SLAP tear and bank art lesion. I diligently followed my doctors and physical therapists orders and have had no issues since returning to jumping. As many will say, don’t push it, make sure you are 100% before jumping again. Shoulders can be very delicate and temperamental. My injury occurred just over 4 years ago, my recovery took 5 months post surgery. Everyone’s recovery will be different, I’ve seen a few take longer. DJ Marvin AFF I/E, Coach/E, USPA/UPT Tandem I/E
  4. Two Texas DZs, Spaceland Houston and Spaceland Dallas, offer STP or Skydiver Training Program. STP can technically be broken down into two sections, AFF jumps and coach jumps. The program uses instructors for both AFF and coach jumps. This privdes a higher level of training through all phases of your a license. To earn your USPA license you will need to complete both AFF and coach jumps. If you are in a 7-8 jump AFF program, you will need to complete a handful of coach jumps afterwards. Coach jumps are commonly conducted by coaches at most DZs. Many coaches will do a good job. DZs that offer a 16-18 jumps student program, like STP, commonly use instructors in place of coaches. In most cases you will receive a higher level of training since instructors tend to be more experienced and seasoned jumpers. Any jumps you do with a USPA DZ should help with your progression at other USPA DZs. Let your instructor know where you are from and that you are just visiting. They should make appropriate notes in your logbook and on your license card to make sure you fit in wherever you are next. DJ Marvin AFF I/E, Coach/E, USPA/UPT Tandem I/E
  5. Yes, your expired info is kept. You will be able to renew under the same member number and license numbers. DJ Marvin AFF I/E, Coach/E, USPA/UPT Tandem I/E
  6. I use the most to demonstrate how the cutter works. You can short the wires across batteries like you suggested. I've used old cypress batteries since I had those with expired units. A buddy used a cordless drill battery. DJ Marvin AFF I/E, Coach/E, USPA/UPT Tandem I/E
  7. I've had a candidate who could not get his medical due to a misdemeanor marijuana charge. His went "up the chain" and got kicked back down as a wait "x" amount of time and try again. I forget the exact amount of time, but want to say they made him wait 2 more years. He is hoping to get his medical this year when he reapplies. DJ Marvin AFF I/E, Coach/E, USPA/UPT Tandem I/E
  8. This one is covered there. And it's complete rubbish. Why do you think it's rubbish? What do you believe the proper response to a jumper entangled with your drogue should be? DJ Marvin AFF I/E, Coach/E, USPA/UPT Tandem I/E
  9. I believe there is no change in EPs from the old manual to new manual, hence no revision list for EPS. How could no revision list to an unchanged set of procedures lead to a fatal mistake? DJ Marvin AFF I/E, Coach/E, USPA/UPT Tandem I/E
  10. Candidates who show up with focused 4 way skills commonly do well in AFF I courses. DJ Marvin AFF I/E, Coach/E, USPA/UPT Tandem I/E
  11. It is 3 years. FAR 105.45 "(i) Has a minimum of 3 years of experience in parachuting" DJ Marvin AFF I/E, Coach/E, USPA/UPT Tandem I/E
  12. Not every canopy flares the same. I have found that when flared appropriately the Pulse has a strong flare. I have 70ish jumps total on various size Pulses and have coached a large number of jumpers who fly a Pulse. Those who have found the Pulse flare weak typically are flaring the canopy like their current canopy rather than learning to find the sweet spot of the Pulse. DJ Marvin AFF I/E, Coach/E, USPA/UPT Tandem I/E
  13. Gilaad Elstein jumps at Skydive Spaceland, Houston and is an excellent coach. DJ Marvin AFF I/E, Coach/E, USPA/UPT Tandem I/E
  14. I highly recommend a lot of 4 way to help you prepare for your AFF-I. 4 way where you are commonly the weak link, this will constantly push your skills. AFF-I's who have trained well at 4 way have almost always done well during their course. As an AFF-I you need to have strong slot flying skills and be able to anticipate what your student is doing by reading their body position. During 4 way you are constantly flying slot and reading your partner, both extremely productive for AFF-I. Wind tunnels are another valuable tool in preparing. I have seen several candidates who have done some prep work in a tunnel and it usually helps. IFly recently opened their first Houston tunnel (with the second opening this month) and I have worked with a couple of their instructors to create better training program for AFF-I candidates in the tunnel. We use drills that work on your ability to fly slot, present signals (while flying slot and static), various hook and block drills that lead into stopping spins and eventually roll overs. DJ Marvin AFF I/E, Coach/E, USPA/UPT Tandem I/E
  15. Come on down to The Ratings Center ( at Skydive Spaceland in Houston. We can setup a course to fit your needs. I bet Bram at Skydive Ratings also has some coach courses during that time frame. DJ Marvin AFF I/E, Coach/E, USPA/UPT Tandem I/E