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  1. djmarvin

    Feedback on new forum functionality

    Everything is way too big. Degeneration already mentioned the time it takes to scroll down the list of forums (mobile or desktop). The forum topic list and the topic thread are also too large. I would love to see a more visually condensed version or have the option for such.
  2. djmarvin

    LB Ares II digital altimeter

    I love my Ares II. The screen is significantly larger than the Viso or Ares I. The metal body and glass screen put up with extreme abuse. Otherwise it functions very similar to the Viso II.
  3. djmarvin


    Adam Buckner and Option Studios/ Adam does a great job and provides windblades for several manufacturers and DZ's.
  4. Chances are he will have a lot less beer to buy after 1,000 jumps but no one is exempt from beer rules
  5. djmarvin

    USPA Tandem Rating

    USPA Group Member Dropzones agree to use USPA Rated Instructors on student jumps. To work at any USPA DZ you should be rated by the manufacturer AND USPA. Most countries have a resonable crossover for Tandem Instructors rated by USPA and a manufacturer.
  6. djmarvin

    Another class 3 med question.

    You have to provide a copy of your medical to USPA, they only verify it is valid at the time of renewal. So you can have a USPA Tandem rating with an expired medical. Any smart DZO would require his staff to provide copies of all documents required to do their job. If their were ever an issue the DZO KNOWS and has proof that the Instructor was properly rated.
  7. It was on the Safety and Training Comittee Agenda published on USPA's website. Input was solicited from some jumpers, I know of at least a couple that were asked about this. I am personally against the new change to opening altitudes and made it known to three different BOD members who asked.
  8. djmarvin

    Canopy Advice Sought

    LOVE my Spectres for many of the reasons you just named. I keep two rigs and one is a spectre (other a velocity). Smooth on heading openings, great for wingsuit jumps, great for accuracy, trimmed flat so working back from long spots is solid, got a nice handful of low level crew on Spectres, on top of all this I love turning my Spectre and getting some nice swoops out of it. About 1200 total jumps on spectres and I will keep coming back (just got a new one recently)
  9. djmarvin

    Hooking up for take off. Good idea? Bad idea?

    I agree with you. I teach my candidates to make sure each person has their own seatbelt (FAR requirement) and if you were hooked up to the student in event of accident how are they going to get away from you if you are unconscious. A lt of students can't figure out how to undo their chest strap after an exciting jump, how will they deal with quick ejectors. Hell a lot of candidates take a few to figure out the quick ejectors.
  10. djmarvin


    A G3 will work with glasses no problem, unless you have super oversized Urkel glasses. Most full faces should have no issues with glasses. I love my cookie helmets especially my G2 (G3's daddy). Super comfy, great visibility, I have taken some viscous hits and it protects well, awesome customer service. My guess is, you will love your G3!!
  11. djmarvin

    PD price increase

    In all likelihood, you reached someone in customer service, and since PD doesn't sell parachutes direct to the customer, its not unlikely that they don't know what the price increases are. PD sells parachutes through their dealer network, and basically every year, as the costs of raw materials go up, so does the cost of parachute equipment, which PD communicates to its dealer network each year. Its like a cost of living increase, your not going to wake up and find a Sabre2 went up $300 overnight, more like maybe $30. Every parachute manufacturer raises prices, PD just seems to be the one everyone notices because people pay more attention to the guy on top.
  12. djmarvin

    "Test Jumper" Logo
  13. djmarvin

    Ash Bag

    Talk to Jay, he hooked me up with Jojo from SD San Diego. Awesome design, worked great.
  14. djmarvin

    Texas Swoopers Meet 2 results

    Way to go Boston and Roo!! Spaceland boys represent!
  15. djmarvin

    Wes Helmets question

    why would a retired skydiver want to build a skydiving helmet :)