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  1. Yes, the kill line is attached with a lark's head at the PC. If/when time permits, an instruction could be created to illustrate how this kill line can now be easily adjusted for perfect calibration. And or easily replaced without sewing! Getting jumpers to actually check the length of their kill line once in a while will never happen.
  2. Seconded. -Mark And I Third That! Jeff
  3. Original, that was requested by a small number of Swoopers who prefer to stow their RDS on a rubber band there. I don't think anyone is using it any more, so I will ask around at the Sun Path Canopy Piloting Open at Skydive Paraclete XP in 2 weeks and if enough people chime in to this thread, we will discontinue it. Jeff
  4. Nicopress® Swage Fittings [/url][url]
  5. Actually, Paratec copied the TSE Zerox tuck tab riser covers back then. Jeff
  7. Try: Keystone Sewing 833 North 2nd Street Philadelphia, PA 19123 United States Telephone 215/922.6900 Always had great service from them. Jeff
  8. Looks like an A1. We would take wire spring hardware out and give them to kids for a toy. Jeff
  9. As promised, this morning Louie and I did a quick demonstration video of how we would do the repair, I hope it helps you guys out. Jeff
  10. Tuesday morning when I get back to the office I will get one of our smallest rigs and make a short quick instructional video of doing the repair for you guys. Jeff
  11. You don’t have to punch a hole in T-17 or T-8 to set a snap. The weave is soft enough to just push a finger trap (or knitting needle) through separating the weave, put the shank of the snap on the end of the finger trap and push it back through without breaking a single yarn. Jeff
  12. The speaker schedule was just revised. Jeff