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  1. Looking for opinions on function quality during skydiving between these two: HERO 7 Black -vs- HERO 8 Black
  2. I got a copy of it in the mail yesterday and I concur.... Superterminal is amazing VKB Thanks Andreas Have Fun, Don't Die! Johnny Utah My Website
  3. I totally agree with you Faber, it is about finding a good balance. A canopy that is too big can have negatives traits about it. Bigger canopies pressurize slower on opening like you said (even to the extent of end cell closure problems), and they turn slower, and have less penetration. So you want to try and get the best of both worlds. Have Fun, Don't Die! Johnny Utah My Website
  4. The winds are doing 26 MPH right now = not even thinking about going downtown. And I was gonna see if I could get unlucky and have my first object strike tonight, damm. Have Fun, Don't Die! Johnny Utah My Website
  5. Ouch. Nope, that's not the way it works. In fact, in BASE, very experienced jumpers tend to jump higher wingloadings, usually because they've seen enough bad stuff go down that they want the extra safety margin (sometimes also because they are trying to land in more questionable areas, or for other reasons having to do with attempting more advanced jumps). Ok, that makes good sense. I was avoiding studying when I was reading all this stuff the other night, so it was late at night and I was tired Are BASE rigs in the same boat as skydiving rigs, in that the container's sized for a small range of sizes? Or does the nature of the way a BASE canopy is packed allow for more container size variation? In skydiving people tend to downsize their canopy to a higher wing-loading as they gain experience, so I understand your thought process completely and you are sort of correct, whereby a more experienced BASE pilot should be able to handle the higher wing loading VS a new BASE jumper. BASE is not like skydiving in this way though, because experienced jumper still want the lower wing loading knowing the reality of the demands a BASE environment puts on the jumper. Have Fun, Don't Die! Johnny Utah My Website
  6. Ouch. Nope, that's not the way it works. In fact, in BASE, very experienced jumpers tend to jump higher wing-loadings, usually because they've seen enough bad stuff go down that they want the extra safety margin (sometimes also because they are trying to land in more questionable areas, or for other reasons having to do with attempting more advanced jumps). I disagree. I have noticed the opposite to be true. Through the years I have seen many experienced BASE jumpers (including myself) start jumping a lower wing loading (usually a one size bigger canopy). The lower wing loading does give you less penetration but having a larger canopy over your head is a lot more forgiving while doing steep accuracy approaches and dealing with turbulent air. Higher wing loadings are definitely the trend in the Skydiving environment for swooping and jumping in higher winds. Have Fun, Don't Die! Johnny Utah My Website
  7. When going stowed (PC packed either way), I do a clean, solid throw, straight to the side (to bridle stretch). If youre too vigorous about it, then Im picturing something like a wild throw. That can put more noise in your packtray and can cause the pilot chute to whip around a little bit, and both of those things could be the sole reason you get an off heading. Have Fun, Don't Die! Johnny Utah My Website
  8. For higher altitude and longer delay jumps, I usually just use the regular mushroom. I think I went into a bit more detail about that in a thread a while back. Theres a link to it in one of the previous post I made in this thread. I dont use the Super Mushroom on terminal jumps. I dont decide to use it based just on pilot chute size. Its an altitude thing for me. If its under 400 feet and Im going stowed, I will be using the Super Mushroom. Between 400-500 feet I will sometimes use the Super Mushroom. If Im planning on humming it low on something below 500 feet (maybe 600), then I will usually use the Super Mushroom. Otherwise I will be using a REGULAR mushroom style whereby the mesh is s-folded. I think I say pretty much the same thing in that old thread. Youre welcome bro. As always, these are just my ways of doing things, take it for what its worth to you. Hope it helps. Have Fun, Don't Die! Johnny Utah My Website
  9. I put that shot in Rage because Jim Poulson jumping that rig every year had kind of become a tradition at Bridge Day. Its entertaining to say the least, watching Jim jump a ripcord and spring-loaded pilot chute from the NRGB and sometimes have a hard pull to boot. And who said BASE isnt skydiving. Have Fun, Don't Die! Johnny Utah My Website
  10. JohnnyUtah


    Great post Rick. That antenna jump you, your brother, and I made last time I saw you was a blast (pun intended). I still think about that jump and the fun we were having up there on top of the world. You guys rock. Hope to jump with you again soon. Have Fun, Don't Die! Johnny Utah My Website
  11. Chad, Thanks for posting the feed back. I use a couple different methods when going hand held. The Super Mushroom has really been mainly a stowed method for me, but then again, I feel comfortable going stowed on most jumps, except super low stuff like 200 or less, That was more up Dwains alley. Maybe if I get some time later I will tell ya about my handheld methods more or maybe I'll just PM ya. Have Fun, Don't Die! Johnny Utah My Website
  12. Youre welcome. If you and other jumpers (experienced and new) benefit from it, then its all worth it. Cheers
  13. Dude, its: I am an FBI agent! Whos the one thats wasted? Now go back to jumping PCs with no hole in them and hooking it in.... Your luck is running high. Have Fun, Don't Die! Johnny Utah My Website
  14. Faber, sorry man, I just wasted a bunch of time trying to set the record straight so people would not be mislead by Treejumps. Ill see if I can get some time later to share my experiences with you and others.
  15. Yeah Tree... its all luck... I dont BASE jump according to statistics...good thing its all luck! So basically what youre telling everyone is that they should not be too sure about the Huck-It container since it has not been tested anywhere near 10,000 times. Probably only tested a hundred times at best....not reliable. Its all luck dude. Oh, you mean like when you said (quoted here) you could hook it in again and again with no problem because you had gotten away with it once. Thanks for clarifying. Oh, so now that many people are using and also believe in it, you think its a good technique. Thats straight up bizzare (and good luck) seeing as you were the one person who totally tried to discredit it when I first posted about it on this forum Dude, I had been jumping it for years before I posted about it. The reason I posted about it here, was because BASE 689 was asking me to put up some pictures of it on the internet. So I did to help others out. This is not a popularity contest for me like it is for you. I know exactly why you tried to discredit it. Because it was something that I thought of and tested and shared. Oh no, we cant let people think Johnny knows what he is talking about. That would go against our political agenda. Whos doing that? You are the one who is misleading people, just like a politician. Just like with stocks hun? So it really is a crap shoot then. Im surprised were not all on the list. Tree, youre a waste of time. I thought you were going to stop your nonsense. You hurt other jumpers when you discourage knowledgable jumpers like myself from posting here. Oh yea, its all luck....nevermind. Have Fun, Don't Die! Johnny Utah My Website
  16. First of all - I have never said that a hesitation is NOT POSSIBLE using the Super Mushroom. I have simply provided the experience I have with it, based on hundreds and hundreds of jumps. It has been very reliable for me. One of my basic beliefs in parachuting is: Weird Shit Happens Another one of my beliefs is: There will always be a random element when it comes to fabric responding to random air molecules. Common sense says - A PC HESITATION IS ALWAYS POSSIBLE NO MATTER HOW YOU PACK/HOLD/THROW THE PILOT CHUTE. Anyone that thinks there are guarantees in parachuting does not have common sense. I know what it is. Do you think that far more seasoned jumpers than you or Tree will want to post valuable experience and knowledge, when you and Tree come back with replies like that? You both put a negative spin on a technique that can save lives. For example, take the Russian jumper (fatality#79) who had a hesitation going stowed from a ~300 foot Antenna. If he had been using the Super Mushroom that may not have happened. Tom, please dont start your fighting and endless squabble with me again. Thats because it works. So I take it from your post that you have never had a hesitation using it either then. Im surprised you have not seen the loose ZP technique almost kill someone. There is a good clip of just that in one of Dennis McGlynns Videos he put out in the mid-90's. A noticeable hesitation? So not a serious hesitation then? what it possibly could have been if he/she had used the regular mushroom, and possibly based on the other factors which we should all know also come into play here such as how the PC is held, how it is thrown, what direction it is thrown, airspeed when thrown, and yes even how neatly was it packed. That is why I stated on my website: That sure doesnt sound like Im trying to sell it as bombproof. Have Fun, Don't Die! Johnny Utah My Website
  17. My choice for the situation you described: Stowed 46 or 48 PC Super Mushroom What I would not want to use for the situation you described: Handheld - because of the sketchy exit point 42 or smaller PC regular mushroom or any other style whereby the PC fabric is flapping around your hand as you exit. To all: I have made hundreds and hundreds of BASE jumps using the Super Mushroom PC packing technique stowed (including 42, 44, 46, and 48 size PCs - hundreds of those jumps have been with 46 and 48 PCs). I have NEVER had a pilot chute hesitation using the Super Mushroom. On some jumps while using the REGULAR mushroom, I have experienced PC hesitations - especially stowed but also handheld. The danger of the other method that some people use (whereby they leave the zp fabric loose on top of their grip) is that the fabric can snag/wrap around your arm or hand or finger. Ive seen it happen many times both on video and with my own eyes. Every time the jumper went into panic mode shaking it off their hand - they probably thought they were going to die...and they would have if they had not gotten it off. Also with this method you cannot make as good of a throw to keep the PC away from your burble. The larger the PC, the tighter it will fit in the BOC. Realized that, know that, check how hard the pull will be before you get in the car to go. The way you pack it (the shape) also affects how easily it will come out of the BOC. In other words packing it in a cylinder shape with nearly equal bulk throughout will extract smoother than packing it with the deep end having more bulk than the cap end. Also, you want to have a nug under the cap to serve as a handle. This way you will get a good solid grip quicker and wont lose your grip when you go to pull out the PC. Hope this helps! Have Fun, Don't Die! Johnny Utah My Website
  18. Super Mushroom Have Fun, Don't Die! Johnny Utah My Website
  19. The BASE Packing DVD is in the mail Sarah. You should be getting it tomarrow. Im sure your friend will find it very useful. Thanks. Here is a Clicky to where my BASE Packing Video on DVD can be found. Have Fun, Don't Die! Johnny Utah My Website
  20. Does anyone know how to get ahold of Jack Reeves these days? Have Fun, Don't Die! Johnny Utah My Website
  21. Here's a link to Erich's last edit. It's of jumps the MN crew and myself did at the Go Fast Games at the Royal Gorge Bridge during the second weekend of October 2004. Attached is a picture that Erich took on the way home. I talked to Erich about 14 hours before his accident and he was loving life. We had planned to go on a BASE trip that weekend. Guess he couldn't wait. Have Fun, Don't Die! Johnny Utah My Website
  22. General statement to all readers: Because it takes time and training to gain the proper skill to be using toggles as Plan A, I am not recommending toggles over risers or visa versa. Even though I am a toggle guy, I still think using risers is a suitable method of dealing with an off-heading opening. I dont really go for the whole Toggles VS Risers debate. Thats why I called my article Risers or Toggles. It is what it is. I am pro-toggles and pro-risers.....get the job done!!! Having said that, I do have a personal preference, which I have expressed clearly with reasons and cautions. Sure. No problem. I didnt cite Dwain as an authority supporting my position. I cited him as a BASE jumper agreeing that he should have gone for his toggles. Im pretty sure he felt that way because he almost got seriously injured or killed from the sink caused by using the risers. I said this in this thread a while back (Oct 2003): Tom, I also said this to you in that same thread: I really do hope you understand the reality of what I was telling you there. In Dwains post that you quoted, I agree with much of what he is saying, but not everything. For example: I agree that this part describes an excellent technique if you are using the risers. What I would do in a similar situation is this: I would go for my toggles and pull them all the way down immediately. This will stop the canopy. From there I can do a snap turn by letting one of the toggles all the way up or I can fly backwards first if I feel I need to and do the snap turn at any time I choose. You can stop and fly backwards just as effectively with the toggles as you can with the risers. By using the toggles you can snap turn on a dime better than you can with risers (this is a main reason I am a toggle guy), plus you dont have to change grips like you would during the riser maneuver. Using the risers will cause you to sink drastically. On the other hand, using the toggles will result in minimal altitude loss (this is another main reason I am a toggle guy). I also agree with this statement of his: I have been in a similar to worse situation. I used the toggles to save myself. If I had used the risers, I would have had an object strike. I prefer to have my toggles in all situations (except when I have to reach above line-twist). I disagree with this statement of Dwains. By using practiced technique, I can make the canopy respond considerably faster (time and distance) by using the toggles. I agree, but I want to mention again that you can back out of such a situation by using the toggles like I described above. Also, (a quote from my article): >>Keep in mind, when you are flying backwards, you are in a complete stall. That is why I think flying backwards to get out of a tight spot on a low object is a risky endeavor. If it came down to having to ride the ball to the ground, I would MUCH rather do that on toggles.
  23. Mike and Brian, you are both invited to attend my Bridge Day FJC (as a refresher sort of thing) at no charge. Its the least I could do to say thanks FOR GOING FOR IT!!!.... and planting the seed, which has grown into modern day BASE jumping.
  24. from jonathans account: Jonathan, Glad youre ok. It looked and sounded to me like you got your hands in the toggles fairly quick and had about 3 seconds between you and the cliff. More than enough time to turn the canopy with the toggles. What you need to figure out is why you could not turn the canopy with the toggles. The first 4 possibilities that come to mind: 1. Did you make sure to release the brake setting on both sides? 2. Did you put the other toggle up to a full flight position while pulling the toggle of the side you wanted to turn to all the way down? 3. Were your toggle settings dialed-in for a slider down/off (LRM) jump? 4. Were you using an effective technique of steering the canopy with the toggles while using the LRM (line release mod)? You may find the Risers or Toggles article I mention in my previous post interesting. Hope this helps Have Fun, Don't Die! Johnny Utah My Website