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  1. Bug Description: Not able to post new classified ads. URL that it occurred: Classifieds, Submit an advert Time of occurrence: Today 1/17/19 8:14 EST Action being performed (where relevant): When you try to post a new classified ad you can't because the image file will not upload. I tried browsing, drag and drop etc but the file won't show up/up load. An image is required to submit an advert and since the new website won't accept an image no new adverts can be posted. Thanks for your help and the new site is looking great.
  2. OH WOW! That is exactly the same place I got my info from but I just realized that my numbers were for WHITE males and not all races. Good catch! Funny thing is if you select African American male, DC has the lowest life expectancy at 71. So if you are white and privlaged DC is the way to go but everyone else is hosed. Hawaii would be sweet if only you could bring all of your extended family and friends. Yikes about the CO thing. Wonder what the deal is with that! CANOPY COURSE Video Training with Brian Germain at
  3. I had a similar thought that all the greats of my youth are now getting towards the end of their lives. With the heavy drugs often associated with touring and stardom they are lucky if they make it close to the average life span of a US male which is currently around 76. Just fyi, life expectancy is greatly impacted by the US state in which you live. DC the highest at 82, WV the lowest at 72. CANOPY COURSE Video Training with Brian Germain at
  4. That's a really great point in regards to the distraction of a team member having to manage the device. Since it's a device using GPS and not taking into consideration other canopy traffic it could pose a collision/entanglement issue. It would not even be able to see the other traffic. It's a huge under taking but still a very interesting project. It will definitely be neat to see where it goes. CANOPY COURSE Video Training with Brian Germain at
  5. Bluefox

    Close call...

    This one might be fake but back in 2001 when I was a newbie I had a real close call. I had just deployed after a two way and I looked up and over to the other skydiver who was about 200 feet away from me (bad tracking back then) and then a single engine private plane literally flew in between us. It was 100 feet from me. I was a bit freaked out at the time but now a pilots license and 1000+ jumps later it down right pisses me off. Any pilot that can't be bothered to look at a sectional and either tune in or steer clear does not deserve a license. Wish I had know to get the tail numbers...OK that's my vent. Now back to the regularly scheduled programming. CANOPY COURSE Video Training with Brian Germain at
  6. It's an interesting idea though it would take a lot of work to make a robot that can effectively manage abrupt and extreme changes in air speed, loss of target or all the other craziness that could happen. A funnel out the door and the thing would be useless. Its like the whole unmanned car thing, it's fine under normal operating conditions but when a baby falls into the road will it know it's better to side swipe the car next to it rather than hit the child? The tech is definitely advancing but in my opinion it's not there yet and especially when it comes to split sec decision making. CANOPY COURSE Video Training with Brian Germain at
  7. the Yew! Here is one of my notes going out in a lunchbox tomorrow. CANOPY COURSE Video Training with Brian Germain at
  8. You are so right! It definitely means more to me knowing I'm sending my love then it does to the kids. Isn't that the nature of life? You pour your heart and life into your children and they rarely appreciate any of it until they have children of their own. Then they complain about the boring lunches you packed. I have found though that my youngest appreciates the notes more than my oldest and my SO is definitely more appreciative to small acts of love. But even so I still think it's worth the effort. CANOPY COURSE Video Training with Brian Germain at
  9. lol Maybe when they get older the notes will start looking more like this. When the oldest was learning to read I sent easy reader jokes on the other side of the drawing and made the picture relate. Like why did the chicken cross the playground? To get to the other slide! picture was hen and chick with hearts. I never had special notes or anything interesting. It was always the same old boring peanut butter and honey on wheat with a side apple or orange. If there was anything close to a note it was my name written on the side of the brown paper bag. I guess we inherently try to improve on the way we were raised. I remember being jealous of the contents of other kids lunches so I'm trying to make that different for my kids. CANOPY COURSE Video Training with Brian Germain at
  10. Thanks! I use 3x5 cards to make the lunchbox notes so in the video that's what I'm drawing on. They usually look similar with out the color. The video with the watercolor was added zing. I guess its possible that they will start taking those special notes for granted. When they do I can switch to a varied reinforcement schedule. Make them miss it a little. CANOPY COURSE Video Training with Brian Germain at
  11. That falls under the who cares option....who cares I'm too busy thinking about boobies. CANOPY COURSE Video Training with Brian Germain at
  12. Hi Friends! I have been sending lunchbox notes in my kid's lunches ever since they started school. I think its a great way to show them that I care. Recently I started making fun painting, stop motion animated films out of my inspiration for the notes. Check out my latest one then cast your vote on how you feel about lunchbox notes. Thanks for sharing your opinion! CANOPY COURSE Video Training with Brian Germain at
  13. Yes you have to watch Spectra lines for temperature related friction damage! I have seen someone with Spectra lines land safely after kicking out of severe line twists. Then their buddy walked up yanked on one of the lines and it broke. The jumper got pissed at his friend for breaking his line but then he realized his friend was actually helping and might have save him from it breaking on him in the air. If you have Spectra lines always check them for damage after having line twists.
  14. I was just updating my profile since it had been a while and I could not decide if I have been in the sport 18 year from first tandem or 15 years since off student status. Do I subtract for the years/months when I was just learning, pregnant, injured or what? Figured I wasn’t the first to ask this and did a little search. I came across this post and I have not been able to stop laughing. Good one! I guess it doesn’t matter either way. I may not know how to officially answer the question of years in the sport but your post really put it in perspective. Still laughing. Good one! CANOPY COURSE Video Training with Brian Germain at
  15. The best advice I ever received regarding canopy control… “Trust that your canopy is going to do what you ask it to do, when you ask it to do it.” – Brian Germain in 2002 CANOPY COURSE Video Training with Brian Germain at
  16. My parents always had the rule once 18 if you are in school you can live rent free and food was provided but you had to cook yourself. The idea was if you choose to accept that deal then you live under the rules of the house. One of the rules was public space remained clean. You could live how ever you choose behind your bedroom doors. A car was provided as long as it was necessary to get to school. We did not have cell phones back then but these days they might fall under a functional requirement. I always thought of this as reasonable tough love. I took advantage of this offer for a while then once I got a job and stopped taking classes I quickly realized that paying rent to live in my parents house and under the rules way stupid. I moved out and never looked back. I now have a toddler and don't look forward to the late teen years. I think the tough love angle is great but right now I don't think I want him to ever move out. Ask me in 15 years.
  17. Employer, teammate, dance partner, co-parent, partner in crime, wife, yes. I guess bringing the psychological aspects of canopy piloting into the conversation sounded a lot like Brian. We have great conversations about that stuff. It’s amazing how important our psychological state is to performance in extreme sports. In the 90s when I got certified as a trimix scuba diver I was surprised when a section on psychology turned up. They actually talked about meditation, which at the time tripped me out and seemed out of place next to all those tables on decompression, partial pressures and oxygen toxicity. Now years later it makes perfect sense. CANOPY COURSE Video Training with Brian Germain at
  18. Yes, but if it put together in a video and left to be watched by a student, then no. If those videos are used in conjunction with a live instructor then they can be very helpful. Yes I agree that the live part is critical so the student can ask questions. Yes I agree that students often don't realize what they are doing with their bodies. Body awareness seems to require a calm level headed brain state which is not always the case in students or any skydiver for that matter. Which is why we physically practice emergency procedures on the ground so they become muscle memory. Showing videos of someones landing can definitely be helpful to speed the learning process. (the interactive environment allows for this) but from what I have seen students make huge progress from watching other peoples videos debriefed as well. I think the critical point is it needs to be live, interactive and useful information. CANOPY COURSE Video Training with Brian Germain at
  19. Well a guess a video might be better than nothing but having the opportunity to talk, chat, see, ask questions, share videos, test and more is much better. A completely interactive environment that can reach people who don't have a course near them or can't afford to travel. Now that's even better. CANOPY COURSE Video Training with Brian Germain at
  20. AggieDave – Do you believe its possible to learn from someone else? So if you watched a video of someone making a mistake could you learn from it if someone was explaining the problem to you? Most people don’t reinvent the wheel when it comes to fouling up a landing. So whether you can get someone else to video you or not there is still room to learn. Besides the live interactive training portal allows people to share their video and anyone can stand in a landing area and video landings. As for learning from immediate feed back you are true that it can speed up the process but there have been studies that show deeper learning happens over time. A little coaching over a longer period of time can have more lasting results than a lot of coaching in a short time. Your brain has a chance to digest and catch up with all the info CANOPY COURSE Video Training with Brian Germain at
  21. When I got my pilots license I had to take ground school. Why not have something like that for canopy piloting. I don’t know about Jim’s online offerings but this is not just online this is a live interactive training environment. Not just an online video CANOPY COURSE Video Training with Brian Germain at
  22. 4. Brian Germain's BG-Online - Live canopy course delivered to your desktop. Its convenient because we can't all make it to the course but this course comes to you. CANOPY COURSE Video Training with Brian Germain at
  23. Hey Everyone! Ok for those of you who may not have been able to see the video because I'm lame and used Apple quick time then embedded the video using a code that only seems to work with Microsoft IE. Well now you can click on the link below the video clip and it should work. Hey....I did say I'm a novice. Anyway I really had a blast at SVNH. As I have found previously Laurie, Rob and the rest of the staff went out of their way to be awesome hosts. I want to send a special thanks to all of them for making my weekend so amazing. I swear the vibe at SVNH just seems to get better and better. Not to mention the facilities look awesome. What a great job everyone did getting the facilities up and running. Koodos to all involved. I also want to send a thanks to those people who came out for the canopy course and to fly with me. You know who you are and you all flew like super stars which of course just made me smile more. Thank you! I look forward to another tunnel flying adventure in the near future. SVNH Rocks! Laura CANOPY COURSE Video Training with Brian Germain at
  24. Thanks Paige. I had fun throwing the video together on an airpane the other friday evening. I had my camera/laptop/wires/remote/ipod/snacks/cocktail out on the plane and my neighboor kept looking at me like I was a freak. It was a great form of entertainment to pass the time. NH is going to be a blast!
  25. Hey Fellow Tunnel Loving Flyers! I just posted some old video that I finally got around to editing from the 2005 Tunnel for the Cause. Special thanks to the Paige Rudolph and the other flying ladies of TFTC 2005, plus Shane Tully from WINDWORX productions for sharing such great video. Check it out While you are there note that I'm going to be up playing at SVNH March 3-4th so if you want to come out and play let me know. Everyone is welcome! Also Brian Germain will be there teaching a canopy course at the tunnel. Check that out here Addendum - I'm a novice webmistress at best so please forgive the crudeness of my site. Thanks and I hope you enjoy the video. Laura CANOPY COURSE Video Training with Brian Germain at