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  1. I’m not an attorney, but I have my copy of the constitution open right now. Where is the part where it says “except when a governor says so”? I can’t seem to find it.
  2. Legislators make laws, not governors or judges. At least that’s the way it’s supposed to work in the USA. A Judge in Illinois recently ruled that their state shutdown is unlawful. He only applied it to a single plaintiff, unfortunately. Try reading the first amendment to the constitution. We have the right to peaceably assemble. There are no exceptions. to get back on topic, is anyplace else open?
  3. There are many countries where criticizing the government will get you arrested, and maybe even killed. China (where the virus came from) for example. The whole country of North Korea is essentially a prison.
  4. I got to make 2 jumps yesterday at Pepperell, Ma. 3 jumpers in a 20 seat caravan, and they were still militant about face masks and distancing. I won’t be back anytime soon. I am SO SICK AND TIRED of these governors unlawful decrees. Any business that is willing to fight for their rights will get my support. Others, not so much.
  5. So, is every flu death, and opioid death between 2009 and 2017 Obama’s fault?
  6. The Collings foundation B-17 , the nine 0 nine just went down at Bradley Int. In Connecticut. So glad I took advantage of the chance to jump from her.
  7. skydave114


    If you like long wait times and lots of rules, then this is the place for you. I recently moved close to jumptown, and thought living close to the DZ would be a nice perk. So far I’ve been there 7 times, and done 2 jumps, both solo, and both after 2+ hours waiting. Today was a beautiful summer day, I spent about an hour at the DZ but didn’t spend any $$. There was a solo slot available if I wanted to wait another 90 minutes or so. Tomorrow I’m going to drive right by, and keep driving another hour and a half to a more fun DZ. They do have a nice hanger though.
  8. If you are thinking of going to BD, please think again. I've been many times, always had fun, but I trust Jason Bell, and I've had enough of the WV State Police bullies. BOYCOTT BD 2015, maybee next year they will be more inviting.
  9. fly butt down (de-arch) with feet close together, until you are stable with good directional control. Then slowly flatten out and open your leg wing. I find that when inverted, my r-bird leg wing overpowers the arms.
  10. I suggest the local jumpers save your reciepts for every penny you spend when you jump somewhere else. Send copies to the town counsel. Money talks.
  11. Ya know, if you learn to fly first, you'll get much better footage. I really don't get why you kids bother with those things. YOUR VIDEO SUCKS
  12. 1st Q... it looked like fun 2nd Q... it was, and still is.
  13. Global warming hasn't hit around here yet. Better off bringing your snowboard!
  14. Don't rule out SDNE just because you'll miss the boogie. Especially if you like bonfires. Also, it's close to the coast, well worth a visit before you head west.
  15. there was one that opened in a decending a/c, killing all aboard. IIRC, it was a porter in south america.