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  1. lsm


    ---- I know the Norvegian Stig did a terminal slider down and survived. His body was sore for a couple of months but no broken bones and no canopy damage. Pretty amazing! --------------------------------------- Luck beef four Yule heap !
  2. lsm

    My new Baby

    I don't like the word "Base" on the rig. "Is that a base-rig?" "No officer, I' am coming from my dropzone. This is just a 'parachute'! " --------------------------------------- Luck beef four Yule heap !
  3. Oh man, I liked that guy ! RIP ! --------------------------------------- Luck beef four Yule heap !
  4. lsm

    Broken Bones

    It’s not only the “broken bones” but also the “collateral damage”. Take me for instance: a 180 with linetwist in august last year resulted in a objectstrike. I broke my collarbone, five ribs and a few theeth. No big deal you’ll say...but : first I had surgery in order to clean a deep cut in my elbow that was badly inflamed. After that I had to wait one month before they could start fixing my collarbone : second operation in order to place an iron plate. After the operation I could not urinate and I was sent home with a suprapubic urine drainage catheder. The first 10 days I had to learn to piss again ! The first 10 weeks my shoulder was hurting like hell. I had 60 sessions of physical therapy. Then finally after three months they removed the iron plate (thirth operation!). Now, I’m in the middle of a new series of physical therapy. My shoulder is still very stiff and it will take at least an other two or three months. Oh, and did I mention the painkillers and sleeping pills? And the stomach problems because of the pills? And the endless paperwork with the insurrance companies and my employer...In total I had 12 trips to the hospital (x-rays, consults, operations...) and 7 to my local medical doctor. And I still have to make an appointment with my dentist...Remember. it was only a broken collarbone and “some bruises”... Are you prepared for this ? --------------------------------------- Luck beef four Yule heap !
  5. Last august I had a towerstrike in KL. I hit the wall pretty hard. The right side of my helmet was cracked from top to bottom. My skull wasn't...I'm sure my helmet saved my life or at least prevented heavy brain damage... --------------------------------------- Luck beef four Yule heap !
  6. lsm

    Just curious

    Churches, monuments, windmills, ship lift lock, cranes, smokestacks... --------------------------------------- Luck beef four Yule heap !
  7. Peter promised me recently to help me climb the Eiger. Because of my age I only want to jump this cliff with the help of a professional climber. When I arrived in the Swiss Valley last friday, I had already my cellphone in my hand in order to give him a call when I heard a fellow jumper say that Peter was probably dead. That evening I got terribly drunk. My plan was to stay one week in the valley but I left monday morning after only four jumps. Because of the terrible news I didn't enjoy my vacation anymore. Adieu Mister Schäffler ! With utmost respect. --------------------------------------- Luck beef four Yule heap !
  8. And there is that Belgian jumper Kristof who jumped his brandnew Dainese body armor from the ITW and crashlanded on the the very steep slope between the rocks and boulders (in fact, it looked more like a cliffstrike than a landing). He walked away unharmed and said : “Waw ! With this suit you can land everywhere !” --------------------------------------- Luck beef four Yule heap !
  9. 30 when I started skydiving. 52 when I started BASE. 55 next month. 179 BASEjumps, 37 objects. --------------------------------------- Luck beef four Yule heap !
  10. Damn, what's that law about all long internet discussions eventually turning to Hitler references? Godwin's law.Quote --------------------------------------- Luck beef four Yule heap !
  11. the quality and speed of my reply "are"... --------------------------------------- Luck beef four Yule heap !
  12. --------------------------------------- Luck beef four Yule heap !
  13. If I'm not mistaking they have dismanteled the balloon (well, I can't see it anymore from the train and I used to be able to see it). Sad, because it looked a nice object to jump from... The Belgian balloon was heavily damaged in a snowstorm. Anyway, we received an e-mail from the new management a couple of months ago announcing that legal jumps from the balloon aren't allowed anymore (for "safety reasons"). --------------------------------------- Luck beef four Yule heap !
  14. P.M. sent --------------------------------------- Luck beef four Yule heap !