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  1. That sucks. My Condolence to family and friends. As far as I knew him he was one of a few guys who really lived their dream that intense. In my opinion there are not very many people who had that much life in their years. Sandro -- "And in the end, it's not the years in your life that counts, but the life in your years" ...Abraham Lincoln
  2. Some weeks ago I was playing around with weights too. But my idea was, to add them to the upper arms to gain more forward speed than the distribution of my body-weight allows. To additionally increase the speed I turned on the back and did a half looping to dive smoothly back on the belly. This should accelerate similar to a smooth 180 degree front riser turn. You can see the according ground-speed in this graph: It's not too much. But I think I can still improve the dive a bit. Using weights is quite easy: If you remove the weights from the weight-jackets or weight-belts of RW-people, you can simply tape them around your arms with fabric tape. Just be sure that you can reach your handles, that they cannot get loose and that you do not choose to too much weight. Because it can get hard to reap your slider, fly with the hands in the toggles and to cut away if the canopy is spinning fast. This are just my experiences of around 5 jumps with weights - if you try it, of course you do it at your own risk. Enjoy
  3. Uups, I forgot to mention that. But it's good that I got to know real friends in Stupino that remind me of that.
  4. Thanks from the German's to Natalia, German, BJ and Hans for the organization. Also thanks to James and Loïc for hints that really improved my flying and flocking skills. As I was later in the big way base than Susanne I have to go now redeeming my bet and making the meal. Cheers, Sandro
  5. My girlfriend and me will also be in Russia (flights booked, expecting to get the visa in the next two days). 1. Macca (UK) 2. Steve Such (UK) 3. Mark (UK) 4. Hunky Dunky (UK) 5. Frits 6. Hanne 7. Gadget (nl) 8. Jari 9. Jussi 10. Herwig 11. Bo Wienberg 12. BJ Alexander (US) 13. Scaryperry (US) 14. Joni (US) 15. Bassie (Bel) 16. Pierre (UK) 17. Tristan 18. Susanne Schneider (Germany) 19. Sandro Böhme (Germany) Ciao, Sandro
  6. It worked. Thank you for your help! Sandro
  7. Hello, Christophe made a nice photo of a wing suit base jump 2004 at the heli-boogie in norway. I'am looking for the phone number or other contact information. It's a quite urgent case. Please send the information as private mail. Thank you very much for your help. bye, Sandro