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  1. Buffs303


    This is the first parachute I have owned, but I have jumped on other types. On my first attempt, I was jumping a smaller size than I had jumped previously by 20 sq. ft. and I had by far the best control and landing thus far in my skydiving career. Soft opening, on heading, fast, and forgiving. Go buy one!
  2. Buffs303

    Mile-Hi Skydiving Center

    As a student just off of AFF it can be difficult to get rental gear because they only have 3 or 4 rigs and there is not much of a variety. Only Mirages (which are sweet, but before purchasing it would be nice to demo other manufacturers. Sometimes it can be difficult to get those rigs packed because they have a lot of tandems and AFF students who are priority #1. Other than that everything is terrific. It is beautiful, everyone is willing to help newcomers, nice aircraft, and they have Mirage dealers that can help with the purchasing process. I am proud to say that it is my home DZ
  3. Buffs303

    Mirage G3

    Although I was told it would be ready in 3 weeks and it took 10, I forgot about the delay as soon as I put it on my back. It felt like an extension of my own body and I could not be happier. My first jump with it was my smoothest jump thus far. *Possible buyers beware of the color picker on Mirage's website, the colors do not come out exactly the same as shown, but nevertheless they come out looking great and very sharp. Thanks Mirage.