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  1. Buffs303

    Balloons to BASE

    I just did my first balloon jump...what a fun rush, but all it does is make me think about BASE jumping and how much more wild it must be. On what level, if even in the same realm, would you BASE jumpers actually compare a hot air balloon jump to a BASE jump? (of any height) 10x more nuts?, 100x? 1000x?.....not even close to being similar? Just wondering if balloon jumps can prep me at all for for the feeling when you first step off of a bridge, cliff, etc. Thanks! Swoop and Poop....my favorite things to photograph
  2. Buffs303

    Broken Bones

    Sorry, I am new...I will try not to repeat threads in the future. Swoop and Poop....my favorite things to photograph
  3. Buffs303

    Broken Bones

    I have heard about the high % of BASE jumpers who suffer injuries, but I was looking for some feedback from some of you about your injuries. How many hospital trips have you made during your BASE careers and how many total jumps do you have? Feel free to explain some as well (especially the causes of the accidents) I want to get into BASE jumping eventually, and I think we should all know about the up-sides and down-sides of the sport to be as knowledgeable as possible. Thank you for your feedback! Swoop and Poop....my favorite things to photograph
  4. I am just a student now, but I plan on having over 150 skydives by the time your Labor Day weekend Death Camp (and there is nothing more I would rather do) . Is there a minimum amount of skydives that you require your students to have in order to be accepted? Please don't black ball me Swoop and Poop....my favorite things to photograph
  5. Buffs303

    What is so great about RW flying?

    Thanks for the links! I couldn't believe how much control some of those skydivers had and the small amount of space to work in. Once I get my A license I will be sure to look more into it. Another question though, is all RW belly flying? Or does it include those who freefly in close proximity? Swoop and Poop....my favorite things to photograph
  6. Buffs303

    What is so great about RW flying?

    I am very new to the sport and I have been gaining new interests in different aspects of the sport, but I still have not figured out why RW flying is so popular. (I also have not done it yet b/c I am a student) What about it does everybody love? Swoop and Poop....my favorite things to photograph
  7. Buffs303


    This is the first parachute I have owned, but I have jumped on other types. On my first attempt, I was jumping a smaller size than I had jumped previously by 20 sq. ft. and I had by far the best control and landing thus far in my skydiving career. Soft opening, on heading, fast, and forgiving. Go buy one!
  8. Buffs303

    Mile-Hi Skydiving Center

    As a student just off of AFF it can be difficult to get rental gear because they only have 3 or 4 rigs and there is not much of a variety. Only Mirages (which are sweet, but before purchasing it would be nice to demo other manufacturers. Sometimes it can be difficult to get those rigs packed because they have a lot of tandems and AFF students who are priority #1. Other than that everything is terrific. It is beautiful, everyone is willing to help newcomers, nice aircraft, and they have Mirage dealers that can help with the purchasing process. I am proud to say that it is my home DZ
  9. Buffs303

    Mirage G3

    Although I was told it would be ready in 3 weeks and it took 10, I forgot about the delay as soon as I put it on my back. It felt like an extension of my own body and I could not be happier. My first jump with it was my smoothest jump thus far. *Possible buyers beware of the color picker on Mirage's website, the colors do not come out exactly the same as shown, but nevertheless they come out looking great and very sharp. Thanks Mirage.