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  1. Team Ill Vision...and friends. Lori (aka The Angel) in white.
  2. My Saturday mornings were always scheduled around Car Talk.
  3. Pacific Parachute Center-Sheridan, Oregon Ted Mayfield's place
  4. It was for the benefit of mankind. The tracking suit had become so fast in testing that they had to physically restrain it. Twice a year, during testing in the spring and fall, they would let it fly unrestricted. The suit would fly so fast around the axis of the planet, it would actually alter time (aka Superman 1). What? You believed that whole Daylight Savings Time ruse?
  5. Bones

    What a dickhead!

    The "bands" are vents, used on some BASE canopies. They help the canopy stay inflated and flying if you end up going nose first into an object.
  6. Pacific Parachute Center Sheridan, OR Started there as a static-line baby
  7. It appears you may be looking for 2 different things. One is comprehensive wingsuit instruction, the other is potential safety issues regarding aircraft exits, etc. I would recommend you repost this question farther down the page in the wingsuit forum since you'll get much more useful information. However, be prepared for a certain amount of fallout regarding your plans for printed "instructions" for new wingsuit pilots.
  8. You could ask Scott Campos (loudiamond). He could tell you...but then he'd have to kill you.
  9. Skydive Oregon in Molalla is my home dropzone. Believe me, whenever someone refers to an "unsafe Oregon DZ", they'll be referring to Ted Mayfield/Pacific Parachute Center in Sheridan. It's been closed since the 90's. Skydive Oregon has an excellent reputation and deservedly so. (I actually got my start as a static line baby at Sheridan.)
  10. Lori Butz (Lodi) flies the hell out of her "SeX Bird", both in the skydiving and BASE environments.
  11. And with that picture, this thread has come full circle...a young jumper with a wingsuit that's far too big for his level of experience.
  12. 1) Try posting this question in the wingsuit forum a little farther down the page here at 2) Also, try adding some info about yourself, your wingsuiting experience and your goals over the next two years or so. It'll make giving advice easier and more appropriate for you.
  13. Ordered Venom and V4 Nov 25th, received Venom in 5 weeks, just got a message confirming address for V4 shipment.