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  1. Dear Poppycock,, very english!!!! You obviously seem to think you are beyond an accident and therefore impervious to a mistake made by you or by others,, What I'm suggesting is that if YOU drop your guard at ANY TIME in your skydiving career you IMMEDIATELY move into the risk area,, This is a constant ,every day ,every jump
  2. I think 'complacency' is the word. Whether you have 10 jumps,100,1000 or 10,000 jumps.. As soon as you drop your guard ,,you... 'IMMEDIATELY',, move into a high risk area.. You can NEVER afford to be complacent... .EVER..!.. The words here are,,,.. .....NEVER... ...EVER.... ...IMMEDIATE... Skydiving accidents are like car accidents.. Once you're in 'em,you're in 'em.. There is no warning,,,, Only prevention and vigilance can overcome!!!
  3. Sorry,,,must dis-agree...we all should/shall wear helmets.. the helmet MAY make the difference... EVERYONE!!!!!!! wear a helmet....DO NOT JUMP WITHOUT ONE, protec-t you brain ,,,you MIGHT need it
  4. Today ,sunday, was a very important day in my skydiving career... It demonstrated in no uncertain terms ,,the integrity and support of all the good people we jump with,,,, The ,often forgotten,manifesters drove the day and got the ball rolling,, I enjoyed my weekend...got in some good jumps and caught up with old friends... I love skydiving and all that goes with it...
  5. thx for the tips.. i'll hit the library/bookstore tomorrow..
  6. something a bit original,,,,, no more WW2 or president stories.. anything off beat or anthropologically/spiritual
  7. does anyone know of a good read,,, nearly every fiction book i read is lame.... I read plenty of non-fiction, but enjoy a good interesting story..
  8. Organizing now a video guy big way attempt.... Video guys only,,,no cameras allowed,,,so there'll be no evidence if everyone fails to get in
  9. That sounds great,,, Do you have a stills camera?? I'd love a pic of me videoing video guys who are videoing me getting video of the big way lurker video guy.... 8 x 10 glossy please!!!
  10. I wanna do video of all the video doodz on the jump. I wanna video the 'lurker' if we have any idea where he'll be... Who ever heard of 'lurking' a big-way attempt? I'll video from the ground thanks!
  11. have the option of buying either camera/// unsure which would be better.. any user tips would be appreciatted
  12. yep...i agree.. always were treated well at mesquite... also the hotels and casinos are less crowded and a bit cheaper... call brad he'll help you get a cheaper room
  13. Hey bro,, good to see another TM join the ranks and start introducing folks to the pleasure of freefall... ...Do I have any words of advice??? Don't 'EVER' drop your guard..!!! The tandem that you assume will be a piece of cake is the one that will scare the shit out of you.. Consistently practice your handle pull sequence!! Oh ,,,did I mention,, Don't 'EVER 'drop your guard..!! EVER!! Be safe ,bro
  14. hey.. I just last week took a paraplegic friend of mine for a jump...'I ;ve done a few before but this one was by far the most successful.... Most 'wheelies' are very strong in the shoulders and upper arms... I had a few friend s lift him up and he hung from a chinning bar..in this case ,,a support for our shade area.. I quickly fitted the harness while he was ''standing up'... the result...little or no slip into the harness at deployment...this is usually a prob with wheelies.. We exited a 182...had camera man helped get his legs out into position from inside the plane...then the video man climbed over us and unto the strut.. a few minor adjustments and away we went.. The jump went well,,the landing was perfect with 10mph winds... Be wary of doing this in a no-wind condition as para's do have weaker leg bones and fracture easily. it made the local paper.. www.kauaiworld.com/articles/2005/05/28/news/news02.txt
  15. hey aussies,,, QLD boy...now living in Hawaii.. surfing,jumping, etc... Just recently started flying with a hand-cam... have 4000 tandems !! IT IS QUITE THE CHALLENGE.... ..... No doubt about it!!!! be prepared for exit probs!!! On all tandem exits it's our arms that grab the air and allow drogue deployment... if you want your ''handcam vid'' to be decent ,,,, you are videoing the exit no matter what!! ..I spend more time than I'd like,, stuck on my back and have the occasoinal side-spin issue!! because of the 'hand-cam' There is absolutely no question that while you are trying to focus on the camare ..YOU WILL..fuck up!! ....Of course this comes back to TM training and currency.... Fly a few practice jumps.... If handcam is coming your way....test drive it!! It took me 3-4 jumps to get the hang of it..... the shit hits the fan,,, .......screw the camera ... Pull ...'ALL ' the handles!!!
  16. first ..to jumpwally... I cant believe that you even posted a response,,,,and ...therefore...let us all know you were 'tricked' into replying.. this thread has been running for along time.. I said my thoughts early in the piece... here's some more!!! There really is a big difference between a TM who has 150 tandems ,,,,(which is a lot!! dont get me wrong).. and a dood with 4000 tandems under his belt.,,,and they are around!!!! The tandem skydive has become so accessible to mainstream clientele...that the 'professional'skydiver is ever evolving and having to deal with more and more difficult clientele Skydiving 20 years ago skydiving was pretty much a 'black death' crowd...Y Hey,, Mahoney...no offence!!! I love you guy's!!! Today !!!!! It's it's a different story... Today!!!!! Everyone who can walk and talk ,,wants to skydive!!!! TM's today are dealing with all aspects of society and challenging clientele... The TM will make the judjement call.... Of course...if a jumper is obviously fucked up..no-one willl take them... that can only be bad!!! Let the TM make the call.... He is trained for that scenario.... It's part of the TM course!!... To all TM's....BE CAREFUL!!!!!!! Its a valid inquery.... and should be addressed...
  17. I jumped a 105 year old ladie... it was her birthday... Very cumbersome out the door...very poor arch!! I suggestd to DZO to take them out of the box before the jump... As usual the DZO ..he neither cared nor understood!! But "I hope!" she had a good time... AND...no tip!!! Bummer!!!
  18. newbie??? BE CAREFUL!!! I don't care what anyone else tells you.. Skydiving is dangerous...BE CAREFUL ..XX
  19. Having done a few thousand tandems now...and dealt with all types of people.. I have no problem if someone has had a beer or two(or whatever) and wants to do a tandem.. Most times they are more relaxed and more co-operative..and generally happy... Pent-up stressed out passengers are far more dangerous and unpredictable....
  20. Am wondering how to get a good landing shot with the hand cam while flaring the canopy.. any tips....
  21. may be flying the handycam soonetc.. never used one before.. would appreciate any tips,, angles,effects,,format..etc
  22. Yikes.. this email prob could cripple us all...,,,.. I trust we''ll survive!! the forecast is good for this weekend.... a bit chilly ."". across the whole south east USA"" but ,,,,,,,clear skies... no haze.. no gnats.. NO GNATS!!!! I'm there!! =8)
  23. Jumped the porter today at Skydive Statesboro in SE Georgia AND... a caravan yesterday.. For a new and up and coming DZ those guys are really starting to put it together.. If you're in the area check it out.., its still there tommorrow(sunday the 3rd) I had a good time!!!