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  1. CCCoooll.. I'll be there too.. 13500 ft ,,,I presume..... Excellent..Statesboro is a nice place!!!
  2. hey oz.. i used to surf in Caloundra a lot many years ago.. Skydiving in USA now
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    Jumptown, operated by the Massachusetts Sport Parachute Club, emphasizes safety, fun, and a friendly, helpful atmosphere. We are open Thursday-Sunday plus holidays during the season. Jumptown has a professional tandem and AFF instructional staff, USPA and SDU coaches, and world-class organizers in RW, freefly, and CRW. We are also a campus for FlockU wingsuit training and organizing. Our home is the Orange Municipal Airport, home of the country's first commercial skydiving center and host to the 1962 World Parachuting Meet and 1965 Nationals. The Massachusetts Sport Parachute Club has been jumping hard since 1959.