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  1. Hawkes no longer there... Brent Buckner now runs the show...inexperienced with no skydiving depth... His 2ic Mike Burgess,,probably the worst ambassador for skydiving I've ever met... They both treat customers very poorly...competing DZ is slowly but surely taking away market share.. SDLV is on its way to a slow but certain death.. Good riddance...a bad advertisement for the sport all round.. Notice that skydive las vegas is not on the DZ.com DZ locator,,,the page was FULL of negative reviews.. So rather than try to improve ,,they just yanked the profile...pathetic losers//!!!
  2. their treatment of staff and customers is embarrassing
  3. dont go there,,,extremely unprofessional,,,,the owner is very inexperienced,,,his right hand man is ignorant and again very inexperienced,,,,instructors should think twice before applying
  4. the jump was done in australia.. been done more than once... been done a few times since here in usa but no more pix... i dont want to get on trouble
  5. oozzee

    Blow job?

    Holy shit,,,,!!! I'm in love..shes beautiful...
  6. seriously thinking not paying any more money to the lame org. of USPA,,, If they cant stop skyride then they cant stop any of the other pressures that threaten skydiving,,, I'm done with USPA,,they have sat on their ass for years and when challenged ,they fold,,no more of my hard earned $$$,,sorry
  7. oozzee

    Drug addicts

    hey squeak,, I met you at York a year or two back... Evvryone knows that grass is a gateway drug into skydiving and skydiving is a gateway drug into proxac,,Good luck ,my friend.. Don't freak out!!!
  8. The exit didnt look too bad,,,but as all probably know,,,once some inertia builds up it can very different to counter-act,,,,reguardless of your experience.. I'm thinking these guys did the best they could and are better JM's cos of it.. I been doing AFF for 11 years and have plenty of 'stories'to tell... Some my own fault ,,,some out of my hands and along for the ride,,, This whole thread re-inforces the need for a tight and thorough FJC... Kudos for the teacher,, As for the JM's ,,,shit happens,,,,I'm not perfect ,,are you?
  9. Oh ,,,so you were born with a 3000 jumps under your belt and are infallible... Maybe the jump didnt go by the book but not many jumps do... Do the best you can,, As for pulling to 'escort'the student down ,,all sounds good after the fact but rarely happens,,
  10. I hardly ever post on DZ.com cos most of what I read is purely opinion and everyone seems to think they know everything,,,, How about a pat on the back for whoever taught her the FJC,,, We teach,as standard practice,,What to do in the case of the loss of both jumpmasters,, Because this is a very real possibility! This student was obviously taught well and responded correctly,,, Anyone out there who believe they are "beyond"losing a student is kidding themselves or don't do much AFF.. Any comments about "piss-poor'flying should be recinded. Think about it!!!
  11. Any info on canopy stacking ideas or related articles would be appreciated. Am preparing short seminar for home DZ
  12. why dont we forget about skydive las vegas and focus on the REAL cancer in the skydiving world,, Altanta Skydiving Center,,,ASC,,,aka skyride.. the worst of the worst,,,,,
  13. ...I'm speechless,,,,, really want to waste my time time ta;lking the negative... Been skydiving for 11 years... harden the fuck up!!!!
  14. oozzee

    rocky point

    Damn,,,missed Rocky Point,,, did I miss anything exciting?
  15. looks like good weather, ,I'll be bringing the SPF 400
  16. Cool,,,, I am 'sooooo' overdue for a beach jump,,, sand between the toes with a cocktail at sunset... Is there any surfable waves there/ or should I chase some boat wake?
  17. just trying to help out... its email...i f you dont want to open it ,dont open it!
  18. yeah bummer...we were both a bit sick,,, didnt leave the house,,, you know me,,,hate to miss a good piss up
  19. I see you're hard at work,Hip,,! see you this weekend?
  20. Start a website where people can discuss skydiving issues